Who knew that Lipeños would be burger-loving people? We grew up loving goto and lomi but somewhere along the way, burgers became another favorite. Nowadays, there are burger shops left and right, catering to the still rising demand for burgers.

When it comes to gourmet burgers, one brand can proudly say that they’re the ones that started it all here in Lipa. This brand needs no introduction as it’s already a household name but I’m going to say their name anyway.

Brand X Burgers.

About Brand X Burgers

Brand X Burgers (BXB) serves gourmet burgers that are consistently good and filling. They currently have 8 branches:

  • Metro Events Zone Lipa City
  • UPLB
  • Sto. Tomas
  • Tanauan
  • Rosario
  • San Pablo
  • Batangas
  • Nuciti Central Mall

Impressive, right? What makes it more impressive is they came from humble beginnings. They actually started serving burgers out of a garage. Armed with PHP 10,000 in initial investment, a group of friends opened Brand X Burgers last July of 2014. It was a risk, but a risk worth taking for friends who share a love for good times, bonding, and burgers.

BXB Lipa City
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BXB October 2014, when they started to realize that their garage can’t handle the barrage of customers anymore.

Fast forward to today and they’re now a household name not just in Lipa, but in other cities as well.

BXB Metro Events Zone

It’s hard to miss BXB at their Metro Events Zone (MEZ) location. Just look for the BXB Bus right at the front of MEZ. Alternatively, you can just follow the smell of good food or just follow the swarm of people going to the BXB Bus.

If you’re not familiar with MEZ, it’s the food park in front of Yellow Cab and Dencio’s Ayala.

About the Gourmet Burgers of BXB

While they have several gourmet burgers, it’s actually very easy to choose what to order. Each burger is unique, so it’s just a matter of choosing the one that has your favorite ingredients.

You can go for the basic hamburger (Ollie) or cheeseburger (Kickflip). But why do that and deprive yourself of some of the best ingredients ever to go on a burger patty?

For example if you love bacon, go for the Shove It.

Do I really have to tell you how a bacon cheeseburger tastes like? Of course, Shove It tasted amazing! This is my usual order at BXB and they’ve been pretty consistent with the quality of their Shove It. That’s really all you can ask for knowing how good bacon cheeseburgers are.

If you’re an extra hungry bacon lover, go for the Puckdown.

It’s a double bacon cheeseburger, which really, is all you need to know about it.

They also have the Slalom.

It’s a cheeseburger with ham. The sweetness of the ham complemented the patty well. The barbecue sauce added a bit of zing.

There’s also the Grind.

It’s a cheeseburger topped with a hash brown. It gives another layer of flavor and texture. I love how every bite starts with a soft texture, followed by crunchy, and then finished with a soft texture again. Continue chewing and the mixture of textures is a delight.

We also tried the Boneless.

It’s a cheeseburger topped with two pieces of boneless chicken drummets. A good way to eat it is to take out the drummets, and then alternate between the cheeseburger and the drummets.

Of course, and this should come with a drumroll, we also tried the Goodluck 420.

It has two patties, cheese, ham, hash brown, two pieces of chicken drummets and egg. No wonder they wish you good luck because good luck finishing it. I initially thought I wasn’t going to finish it but it tasted good so don’t judge me. I finished it. Yes, even after taking a couple of bites out of their other burgers.

Hello Lipa
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The blogger with his Goodluck 420.

Their Other Offerings

Very few people come to BXB to order something else other than their burgers. However, they do have other offerings that complement their burgers well, so order these in addition to their burgers.

We tried their Sweet Style Spaghetti.

It’s sweet, but not too sweet. It’s perfectly Pinoy. It’s the spaghetti that you’d have two platefuls of when you’re at a Pinoy party.

We also tried the Carbonara.

It’s creamy and savory. It’s topped with a generous sprinkling of bacon.

We also tried the Nachos.

It’s the perfect appetizer while waiting for your burgers.

We also tried the Chicken Sandwich.

At this point I couldn’t take another bite, but my wife said that it’s good!

Here’s their menu.

They also have weekday promos!

Try BXB Today!

I’d be very surprised if you’ll tell me that you haven’t tried BXB yet. If you haven’t, then I recommend that you try it. There’s a reason why they’re still here, and they’re actually growing. They know their way around burgers.

If you haven’t been to Brand X Burgers in a long time, it’s time that you go back to the brand that made you fall in love with burgers. They’re waiting for you with an open bus.

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Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday 1PM to 11PM

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