Different people have different comfort food. This is why it can be frustrating if you’re eating as a group, and everyone wants to eat their comfort food. At the end, you’ll just end up eating “kahit saan na nga!” and will leave a lot of people in your group disappointed.

Well, we have found a perfect place for these “kahit saan na nga!” moments, and you might just love it as much as we did.

About The Café at P-nay’s

Located at 6th Citypark Subdivision in Sabang, The Café at P-nay’s is a very homey restaurant which is understandable considering that it used to be a house. It was converted into a restaurant, but it still has a homey appeal because it’s still a house.

I mean, look at it from the outside. Going into the restaurant feels like going into the home of a relative or friend because they invited you over for dinner.

The space is big, but not too big.

There are also dining spaces outside by the yard. I’ll be sure to eat outside the next time we visit.

Oh, and they can accommodate your party needs! They just hosted a party for 70!

Accommodating Staff

I love how 5 staff members approached me at different times to make sure I was comfortable. They were very well-trained and pleasant. It makes you feel that you’re at a 5-star establishment.

Thanks Ms. Minnie and Ms. Ingrid!

Wide Selection of Food

There are a lot of offerings. It doesn’t matter how many you are in the group. There’s a good chance that everyone will find something that they’d love to eat. I’m impressed with the selection of food. There are a lot, but not to the point that it’s overwhelming.

Ms. Minnie Atienza, the General Manager of The Café at P-nay’s, explained that they want to serve good food to everyone. They want everyone to enjoy. With selections from all-day breakfast to pasta and sandwiches, there are choices for everyone.

Their dishes are also very affordable. They have all-day breakfast fares starting at Php 65. Their house specialties are reasonably-priced at Php 100 to Php 200, with only the crispy pata being priced at Php 450 to Php 550 which is understandable because crispy pata is love.

Yes, they Serve Good Food

With the wide selection of food available and just three of us, we decided to stick to their specialties. We were served the “Granada” for the appetizer. Think of “Dinamita”, but bell pepper is used. This means more meat!

This is my favorite. It’s an appetizer but is very filling. Speaking of filling, take a look at what’s inside.

Tell me that this doesn’t tempt you to eat it with rice and I’ll tell you that you’re lying.

We were also served with garden salad, probably to make us feel better because of all the meat that we’re going to consume.

First main dish to be served is this bangus – tokwa sisig. I’m a fan of tokwa, bangus and sisig, so this is a win to me!

Just make sure to flip the tofu to prevent one side from getting burnt.

Lipeños love their burgers, and I’m happy to announce that The Café at P-nay’s serves a good burger. It’s flame-grilled and you can tell with every bite. Their burger comes with a side of homemade potato chips which is very crunchy and perfectly seasoned.

Next up is the baby back ribs. When I saw the sauce, I immediately went for the rice. It’s going to be a huge sin if I don’t eat this with rice.

Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t look like the normal baby back ribs. It’s sliced differently.

Last but not the least for the main dish is their bestseller – the crispy beef tadyang.

I loved how meaty it is. I estimate that it’s 85% meat and 15% bone which is good for beef tadyang. It’s also very fork-tender. You don’t need to use a knife. It’s served with gravy and vinegar. I preferred vinegar.

Oh, and we were served with these colorful and refreshing drinks!

We were so full that we had to delay the dessert for about 10 minutes. As soon as we took the first bite, we didn’t care that we never really made room for dessert. There’s no way that we’re not eating this peach cream pie.

We’ll be Back!

We loved our experience at The Café at P-nay’s. We enjoyed the ambiance and the good food. Speaking of good food, we know that we still have to try a lot of dishes on their menu, which is me making up an excuse to go back! We can’t wait!

Contact Details

Address: 6th Citypark Subdivision, Sabang Lipa, Batangas (Coming from SM, turn left after Fuel Express. The Cafe at P-nay’s is about 150 meters from that corner. It will be on your right.)

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Phone number: (043) 706 0116 or (043) 774 5880

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