Mikabelle Kitchenette is a fairly new restaurant located along Casanova St. in Tambo Lipa City. However, the people behind it are not new in the food industry, as the restaurant is owned and managed by Mam Marites Bulanadi Jumarang of MBJ Catering Services.

MBJ Catering Services is one of the most trusted names in the catering industry here in Batangas. It’s one of the go-to caterers for events, both big and small. In fact, they’re known for catering food and services at events with thousands of guests. They’re also the exclusive caterer of La Virginia Resort.

Mam Tess’ son, Jabin Abner B. Jumarang, is proof that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The 23 year old Culinary Arts graduate from De La Salle Lipa owns and manages Mikabelle Catering Services and co-owns Mikabelle Kitchenette together with his mom. Jabin injects modernism to the business and his footprints are all over the very hip and modern Mikabelle Kitchenette.

Based on our experience, they can experience the same success in their latest venture.

A Restaurant Born Out of Passion and Success

Without going into specific details, Mam Marites Bulanadi Jumarang is a success story in her own right. People know Mam Tess as the driving force behind the growth of MBJ Catering Services, with his son Jabin providing a boost.

Marites Jumarang
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The Hello Lipa team with Mam Marites Jumarang (3rd from right).

Mam Tess and Jabin are driven by their passion for providing the best food and services at affordable prices. She built her business out of this passion, with Jabin exhibiting the same passion as he grew up in the business. This same passion allows them to offer the same quality of food and services at Mikabelle Kitchenette.

About Mikabelle Kitchenette

Being in the catering industry, they were able to construct a restaurant that is like those effective party venues, albeit on a smaller scale. The restaurant is well-lighted, spacious and cozy. It really prepares you for the good meal ahead.

It has a capacity of up to 60 people. This is why it’s also a good venue for your exclusive events. You can contact them further if you want to book them for your event.

Comfort Food at its Best

I can describe their food as comfort food. Their menu is simple. It offers you home-cooked meals that they’ve perfected throughout the years they’ve been in the food business. It also helps that their cooks and chefs are Kapampangans. As we all know, Kapampangans take pride in the food that they serve.

Mikabelle Kitchenette is popular among groups. This is why they have for-sharing dishes that are good for 2 to 3 people. You’ll be surprised at how affordable these dishes are.

It’s a cold and drizzling morning as I’m writing this, and I’m now craving for their soup dishes.

If you’re in a group, I recommend that you order all 4. Yes, even if you’re just a small group. With the flavorful broths of these soup dishes and the generous servings, order a lot of rice!

They also have a couple of vegetable dishes.

I love how the vegetables are perfectly-cooked. There’s still a bit of crunch to them. These are the vegetable dishes that will satisfy you even if you don’t order a meat dish with them.

They also serve your mom and dad’s favorites – crispy pata, pork caldereta and kare kare.

The crispy pata is what you’d expect it to be – meaty and crispy. The pork caldereta and kare kare are rich in flavor. Sabaw pa lang ulam na.

They also serve shanghai rolls and pork sisig.

These complement their other dishes perfectly. The shanghai rolls are packed with meat. The pork sisig is mostly pork unlike other sisig that are mostly chicharon and onion.

Speaking of pork, we also tried the pork binagoongan, fried liempo and Bicol express.

The sauces of the pork binagoongan and Bicol express are lick-your-spoon divine. The fried liempo is juicy but not oily.

They also have beef dishes. We tried the bistek Tagalog and roast beef.

The beef is tender. The bistek Tagalog’s sauce packs a sharp onion flavor complemented by saltiness that’s just about right. The creamy roast beef goes well with hot rice.

Alternatively, you can order solo dishes. For only PHP 99 to PHP 139, you can order the sisig, roast beef, bistek Tagalog, pork caldereta, pork binagoongan, fried liempo, Bicol express, chicken adobo and shanghai rolls for yourself. Each order comes with rice.

For drinks, we tried their fresh fruit shakes.

Fresh Fruit Juices
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From L to R: Guyabano, Green Mango and Ripe Mango.

Fresh Fruit Juice
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From L to R: Orange, Cucumber Mint and Watermelon.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they’re only PHP 50 each. Order them. They’re good for you and they taste good! My personal favorite is the guyabano.

Beers, Cocktails and Bar Chows

Mikabelle Kitchenette is also perfect for groups of friends looking to relax over drinks and bar chows. We tried their flavored beers.

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Available in Hazelnut, Caramel and Raspberry flavors.

They taste like Frappuccino. The sweet flavors complement the bitterness of the beer, making them the perfect drink.

They also have cocktails.

They’re a good way to get a bit of buzz. They’re delicious!

Their beers and cocktails taste better with their bar chows.

Chicharong Bulaklak
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Chicharong Bulaklak (PHP 249)

The tokwa’t baboy will make you crave for rice. The fried tawilis is so good that you’ll eat the whole thing in one bite. The fried biya is crunchy and should be ordered with fried rice (maybe with a fried egg). The star of the bar chows is the chicharong bulaklak. It’s perfect.

Visit Mikabelle Kitchenette Today!

Are you looking to:

  • Enjoy great food?
  • Eat out but you’re on a budget?
  • Enjoy refreshing drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)?
  • Spend some quality time with family?
  • Bond with friends?

If yes, then you need to go to Mikabelle Kitchenette today!

Contact Details

Address: 050 Cassanova St., Brgy. Tambo, Lipa City (Turn right at the road right before the Brgy. Hall of Brgy. Tambo. It’s about 500 meters from the corner on your right.)

Fan Page

Contact Number: 774-0226 | 0995-450-6452

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday 11 AM to 10 PM

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