Liam’s is a success story known by a lot of Lipeños. What started off as a small kubo is now one of the best lomi houses in Lipa City. Ask Lipeños for the best lomi and a lot of them will tell you that it’s the lomi of Liam’s Lomi House.

Of course, their success is not accidental. They wouldn’t be successful if they’re not doing something right. When it comes to doing something right, they’re doing something perfectly – serving their well-loved lomi.

Just to give you an idea as to how far they’ve come, they started out as a small kubo serving goto, lomi and tapsilog. When I say small, I mean really small. Check out its humble beginnings in this picture taken June of 2008:

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Photo taken from their Facebook page.

Now, they have a much bigger place. But still, it’s good to see that it still maintains its “bahay kubo” roots. The place is very relaxing and attracts some good breeze.

It sure comes in handy while you’re enjoying your bowl of hot lomi.

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The Menu

There is a wide variety of choices. They have different noodle dishes, silogs, sisig, sizzling plates, chicken, lechon and more. This is one of the reasons why it’s very popular among groups of friends and families. Even if you’re not a fan of lomi, you’ll surely find something that you’d like.

But if you’re not a fan of lomi, we can’t be friends.

We got to try the Special Fried Rice.

Special, indeed! This is good enough for 3 people. Every grain of the rice is packed with flavor. It’s how I like my fried rice – buhaghag! The fried chicken topping is also pretty good. It’s a popular topping for lomi as well.

We were also served their sisig.

It’s an underrated dish on their menu. Man, if only they serve beer, this would be a nice pulutan. Of course, it’s amazing with rice!

There’s also the lechon kawali.

I almost always go for lechon lomi when I eat here so I’m familiar with the lechon kawali. It gets sold out every now and then so that’s saying a lot!

We also tried their barbecue.

It’s meaty and tender. The marinade used is perfectly sweet and salty. Dip it in vinegar and you’d be done with a stick before you eat a spoon of rice.

The Lomi

Of course, the star of the show is the lomi itself. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, this picture of Liam’s lomi is worth a thousand drools:

Now, the first thing that you’ll notice is their lomi is not that thick in consistency as compared to the others. Personally, I prefer my lomi thick, but it’s hard not to overall love the lomi of Liam’s Lomi House.

I love that it’s flavorful in its own right even without the usual combination of sawsawan (calamansi, toyo, sili and onion). Some lomi houses serve their lomi bland because after all, this noodle dish is to be enjoyed with this sawsawan. But still, it’s good that you can enjoy it with or without the sawsawan. Personally when in Liam’s, I just use the sawsawan because it’s a tradition.

I also like how thick and fresh the noodles are. I hate it when the noodles are stuck together and taste chunky and flour-y. It’s a sign that the noodles are not fresh. I don’t think Liam’s prepare their own noodles, but at least they’re fresh.

Of course, we can’t forget about the toppings. When it comes to Lipa lomi, it means it should have meatballs, kikiam and atay with the occasional chicharon. I counted 4 meatballs and 2 huge chunks of kikiam. They tasted freshly-cooked. They do have special toppings like lechon, pork chop and fried chicken.

Speaking of special toppings, we tried the pork chop lomi for this meal.

This is what I usually get whenever the lechon lomi is sold out. The pork chop is huge and is seasoned perfectly. Its seasoning and crunchy exterior are perfect with the lomi.

Overall, it’s hard to argue against a two-time Lomi Festival Champion.

Other Plus Points

I love the service of Liam’s Lomi House. It’s regularly well-staffed so you don’t have to wait that long to be served. You don’t have to bug them of your requests several times. Ask once, and you shall receive.

The place itself is also very clean. Tables are cleaned as soon as a party leaves. There are also a lot of spaces for parking.

The Verdict

Overall, Liam’s Lomi House is highly recommended! It’s worth a regular visit and can be recommended to visiting family and friends! In fact, it’s where we usually take friends from Manila if they feel like trying Lipa’s lomi.

Contact Details:

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Address: Gen. Luna St. Sabang Lipa City:

Phone number: (043) 756 5743

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