As the spike in the population of Lipa City (from 160,117 last 1990 to 332,386 as of August 2015) will tell you, we are growing. In addition to Lipeño families growing, we also have people from all over the Philippines, make that the world, moving here to our city.

Lipa Infographic

If you’ve been living here your whole life, then you know why. It rocks to live in Lipa City. The infographic below will show you Lipa City at a glance. If you’re considering moving here, then this infographic may just convince you to make the move.

Lipa City

Lipa City Infographic

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Key Takeaways

Here are the key takeaways from the infographic above:

  • We are a foodie paradise.

Heck, this is why this blog exists. We are a foodie paradise. While this infographic shows Jollibee and McDonald’s stores only, the high number of stores of these fast food giants in Lipa shows us that they recognize that we love to eat.

It’s not just fast food restaurants. Check out the restaurants that we’ve featured and you can see that we have a nice and growing selection of restaurants.

So if you love to eat, Lipa is the place to be. You don’t have to move here permanently to experience living in a foodie paradise. A short day trip will do.

  • It’s cold here.

It’s not Baguio-cold, but it’s pretty close on some months. The average temperature for the year is at 25.6 °C, which is lower than the average in Manila. It helps that Lipa City is elevated 1,025 feet above sea level.

This explains why two of our most famous offerings to the food scene – lomi and goto – are served piping hot.

  • We are the Little Rome of the Philippines.

We’re home to some of the most famous Catholic churches in the Philippines. There’s the Lipa City Cathedral and the Our Lady of Mt Carmel Church to name a couple.

  • Lipa is near Manila.

Lipa is located 78 kilometers south of Metro Manila, so it’s not as if we’re far from civilization. You can be in Manila in a little over an hour if in case you miss its traffic and hot weather.

  • There are jobs here.

Gone are the days when Lipeños move to Manila for work. Lipa City is among the “next wave of cities” for the BPO sector. We have the big ones like Teletech and Alorica, along with a handful of smaller ones.

  • It’s a good city to retire in.

Retirees love the fact that there are 3 golf courses here. Add that to the fact that it’s relaxing and generally safer from disaster here (protected by Mount Malarayat and Mount Makulot), it’s a favorite among retirees.

  • We have malls…3 of them!

It’s not just Fiesta Mall anymore. We have SM City and Robinson’s Place Lipa. If rumors are to be believed, a new one will be added to the mix!

Needless to say, Iba sa Lipa!

How about you? Why do you like living in Lipa City? Share this post and tell us why!