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Well, getting featured is easier than you think! We’re always on the lookout for restaurants, resorts, establishments and events to feature and your business or event could be next! You just have to contact us and tell us why we should feature your business or event!

Why should you get featured on Hello Lipa? Our fan page has 57,450 likes and growing, for starters. These likes are from you target market, ready to check out what you have to offer. Oh, and our Instagram has over 2K followers.

Based on feedback, our followers do treat our features as recommendations. It’s not uncommon for our followers to flock to a recently-featured business or event!

Why get featured? Check out what these business owners have to say!

Katrina Vistan

Katrina Vistan of The Beauty Loft

Hello Lipa has been an absolute blessing to The Beauty Loft.

I first met Jay & Aisha during the salon’s feature. I knew they were going to take Hello Lipa to great places. I was so right! Hahaha ❤️

Hello Lipa helped increase The Beauty Loft’s clientele. They even got us on google! Look up The Beauty Loft Lipa and the first thing you see is Hello Lipa’s blog about us. Imagine that. ? Just a couple of days after the feature was released, we had clients who would tell us, “oh nakita ko lang ito sa Hello Lipa kaya kami pumunta.”

So why are they so effective? Its because Jay & Aisha established TRUST FROM THEIR FOLLOWERS. Their followers believe in them and what they write. That is why Hello Lipa is so influential.

They don’t blog na “basta basta lang.” They make the time to actually try your products/services first. They give comments and suggestions. The best part is that they don’t just blog about your business, they become regular customers. They’re loyal to the establishments they feature.

Partnering with Hello Lipa guarantees a solid investment & beneficial business relationship. Not only that, but I also found friends in Jay & Aisha, two of the best people on this planet. ♥️

Charlene Soriano of Fourth Steaks & Kebabs

Fourth Steaks & Kebabs opened Feb. 8, 2016. The concept is new for Lipenos and needs to push awareness to build market. It is even a destination knowing that it is located in an alley in the city proper. Having mentioned this, my brother was able to discover Hello Lipa, having 10k likes back then. We therefore thought that Hello Lipa can be influential to have the awareness we need.

Last year, February 12 they accepted our invitation. Jayzar immediately made a blog and boosted it at their Social Media account. We got an overwhelming number of likes. From 400 page likes, we were able to reach 1k likes by the end of March.

In terms of sales, it increased up to 22%, considered the comparison of Feb and March average daily sales.

To mention also, that we did not have other Social Media partner or marketing during this time. Only Hello Lipa helped us on our awareness campaign.


Grace Cerillo of Le Manays Lipa

Moving Le Manays Lipa to a more spacious home at The Big Ben Courtyard 3 was also the perfect timing for us to meet Hello Lipa and its bloggers. They have enthusiastically shared their experience dining with us and has since reached their wide network of food enthusiasts.

We really took off higher since then. After we were featured on their blog, our daily number of customers increased dramatically.

New customers were reached through Hello Lipa’s blogs and posts. Recently, their post about our #HHWW (Halo-Halo While Walking) garnered more than 1,100 likes!


Charisse Ramos of Batangas Pizza and Steak House

We love Hello Lipa! When we decided to put up Batangas Pizza and Steak House in Lipa City, our products were only known by the residents of Batangas City and most of our customers are coming from Batangas City alone, so we really did have small market back then.

When we were featured in Hello Lipa, the very next day, people not only from Lipa City but from its neighboring cities started to dine in with us! They are trying our food with confidence as if they know exactly what to order and that’s Hello Lipa’s signature.

They just don’t post stuff. They do it with honesty, full of integrity and they tell you everything.

Elizabeth Tiu

Elizabeth Tiu of Fariñas Ilocos Empanada Lipa

Hello Lipa you’re the best!

I’ve been following Hello Lipa since di pa nag start yung business namin. Pero noong nag-bukas na yung Fariñas Ilocos Empanada naging customer namin sila at first di ko pa alam na sila ang Hello Lipa. Na feature nila ang Special Empanada with cheese namin, so na excite kami kasi ang daming nag-like and comment.

Then pumasok na sa isip ko na magpa-feature kasi gusto namin na malaman ng Lipa City and Batangas City na may authentic Ilocos food dito sa Lipa. Gusto namin ipagkalat na may masarap na legit BAGNET at ILOCOS EMPANADA dito sa Batangas.

And I’m so thankful kay ate Aisha and kuya Jayzar at sa mga kasamahan ng Hello Lipa kasi nakikilala na kami and patuloy ang mga first timer customers namin hanggang sa nagiging regular customers namin!!

Kaya Hello Lipa, maraming maraming salamat sa inyo!! You’re the best!!

Karen Litan

Karen and Paulo Litan of Downtown Burgers and Grubs

I have always been a follower of Hello Lipa even before I met the Jaysha tandem and long before we opened Downtown Burgers and Grubs. The page has always been very informative of what’s new, what’s to visit, what’s current and what’s going to happen in Lipa.

It was June 2016 when I personally met the power duo. I was at first skeptical if it was really them who teamed up for Hello Lipa until we had a little chit chat at our babies’ school and surprisingly, it was really them! I was really amazed on how this couple seemed so simple and discreet yet very credible and sincere. It just happened quickly that we clicked. Little chit chats became lengthy and sensible conversations. Acquaintance suddenly became friendship and now family.

It was in December 2016 that we opened Downtown Burgers and Grubs at Dayton Food Park. Hello Lipa was there from the start, until now that we have already modified our menu. They have helped us gain customers in every way possible. They are just so effective and credible! Downtown team couldn’t thank you enough for every help and effort you’ve extended to us. It is because of your great help that we are where we are.

More power Hello Lipa! Thank you and we love you dearly!

Lelaii Garcia

Lelaii Garcia of Burger Mania and Milkshake Lab

Expanding in a new city is a challenge for us. Sobrang daming worries kasi we have no idea about the culture, paano kami makikilala, and anong panlasa ang swak sa mga lipeños. That’s why we are very thankful for kuya Jayzar and ate Aisha for introducing us to the people of lipa.

Hello Lipa was really a blessing for us. They helped us not only with the food we offer but also with our advocacy.

After our feature, grabe! As in we didn’t expect na dadagsain kami ng customers at palagi kaming sold out. Until now we are very grateful. That’s why everytime na may bagong promotion ang Burger Mania and The Milkshake Lab we are always considering them because for us ,”It’s Hello Lipa or nothing.

eena morada

Eena Morada with the pioneer team of Ka Jec’s.

I can still remember the first time I first contacted Sir Jayzar of Hello Lipa for an invitation to try our newly opened resto, Ka Jec’s Bangihan, last January. Without hesitation, they accepted our invite, and they became one of our first visitors that day. I thought to myself: ‘This is it. No turning back to this new journey.’ As a newbie in the very competitive food market of Lipa, I was a melting pot of emotions when we first opened Ka Jec’s door to the public: I felt happy but was afraid and excited at the same time. I was confident but felt doubtful and pressured at times. But then, it’s been almost a year for us. And just like any other business, all sorts of challenges came our way in various aspects but still, here we are. It’s been almost a year ago, but it felt like yesterday. And most definitely, one of our best decisions as a start up resto: inviting Hello Lipa on our first day! Every food business in Lipa knows how important it is to maintain a relationship with bloggers like Hello Lipa with a relative organic reach and a strong following crowd.  Now that we’re turning 1, we can’t be more than grateful to have Hello Lipa as part of this journey. Marketing support from Hello Lipa team is truly overwhelming. And yes, I, myself, can attest to the “Hello Lipa effect”. I can still remember inviting them over again to try Boodle Fight ala Ka Jec’s sometime in June. And as expected, crowd continuously came in the following days and even weeks. And year-to-date, month of June is one of our best performing months. Again, endless thank you Sir Jayzar and Hello Lipa team for being a blessing to the food business community in Lipa! May God bless you even more!

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