A lot of people, myself included, felt sad when Bluroze Farms closed. After all, it’s one of the pasyalans that we Lipeños can be proud of. I’ve lost count of how many times I recommended Bluroze Farms to family and friends who asked for recommendations on what they can visit here in Lipa.

Well, we found out that you can’t really say goodbye to a well-loved establishment like Bluroze Farms. A huge piece of it lives on in a developing establishment…The Old Grove Farmstead.

About The Old Grove Farmstead

The Old Grove Farmstead is a 5 hectare development owned by Jeffrey Columna and Sherill Umali Columna. Sherill is the daughter of Bluroze Farms’ former owners – Zenaida and Benedicto Umali.

NOTE: This is the first time that they revealed the name, so yay! If you’re reading this, you’re among the first people to know!

I first saw the development in SkyscraperCity when a forumer (H/T to LipeñoAko!) posted a couple of pictures. I immediately reached out to the owners so we can provide you with complete and accurate details about the development.

Jeff was kind enough to give us a private tour of this exciting development. Once we’ve stepped foot inside, it was obvious that this is not really the new Bluroze Farms. It’s an entirely new development with an entirely different concept.

Of course, you can’t just forget about Bluroze Farms, and the owners rightfully pay homage to the iconic place to honor their parents and what they’ve achieved with Bluroze. This iconic water tank will tell you that.

The kids and the kids at heart will be happy to know that some of the animals that once roamed Bluroze will continue to entertain visitors of The Old Grove Farmstead.

A couple of swimming pools are currently under development, so that’s something to look forward to if you miss the Bluroze pools.

What Makes it Different?

While Bluroze was tropical in theme, The Old Grove Farmstead, as the name implies, is going to be a farm-type of development. This huge red barn is a huge giveaway as to what they’re trying to achieve here.

This windmill is also pretty cool.

This man-made lagoon complements the two structures.

Together, they make for a picturesque view that won’t look out of place in a postcard. It’s very Holland-esque.

Once the trees that they’ve planted grow, man, it’s going to be be-a-u-ti-ful.

The Old Grove Farmstead will be a future venue consideration for weddings and similar special occasions. This type of venue is hugely popular in the states, and soon, we’ll have one right here in the city.

Here are more pictures!

Check Out The Old Grove Farmstead!

The Old Grove Farmstead is not Bluroze Farms, but a huge piece of the latter lives on. So you can expect the same heart and passion to run this place. It’s safe to expect more with the infusion of more ideas thanks to fresh ideas of Jeff and Sherill.

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