The Farm at San Benito is not your usual resort. A lot of The Farm at San Benito reviews will make you feel that it’s just for celebrities and A-listers. Well, we’re not celebrities and we’re definitely not A-listers, but we booked a stay anyway. This The Farm at San Benito blog post will tell you about our experience at The Farm.

About The Farm at San Benito

It’s classified as a wellness spa and spa resort. Actually, those classifications don’t do it justice. It’s an award-winning wellness spa and spa resort that’s among the best at what it offers. As proof of this, it has received more than 40 awards since 2003 from prestigious international award-giving bodies. Here are just some of them:

  • SPA Asia Crystal Awards – Best Holistic Healing Program, Best New Age Activity, Best Retreat (2004)
  • Baccarat Asia SPA Awards 2006 – Medi-SPA of the Year, SPA Cuisine of the Year (2006)
  • SPAFinder’s Readers Choice Awards – Best SPA in the Philippines (2010)
  • SENSES Awards (Germany) – Best Medical Wellness Resort (2012)
  • Asia Tatler Readers’ Choice Awards – Asia’s Favorite SPA (2014)
  • TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence (2016)
  • Lux International Hotel and SPA Awards – Most Exclusive Accommodation (The Lakan Villa), Best Signature SPA Treatment:Philippines (2016)

So yeah, this list kind of explains The Farm at San Benito rates.

The Farm Lipa Batangas is in Brgy. Tipakan which is about 20 minutes from the city proper. The drive itself is quite an experience. You pass by the busy city proper and then suddenly, you find yourself driving through roads lined with trees you’d wonder if you’re lost. Then you see it. A gate with the sign – The Farm at San Benito.

The Farm at San Benito Lipa Batangas is a 10 acre property that sits on a 50 acre massive piece of land. You’ll really feel as if you’re a haciendero.

Booking a Stay at The Farm

My wife and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary as boyfriend and girlfriend on March 25, 2018. Last February, I figured that we should do something very special to celebrate the occasion. As a Lipa-based blogger, I figured that the most special way to do it is to book a night at The Farm at San Benito!

It was a surprise for my wife. She had no idea that we’re going to The Farm. She had a blindfold on and imagine her delight when she took off the blindfold to see the sign!

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What We Love

Obviously, I had high expectations because I already know that it’s an award-winning resort and The Farm at San Benito price will really set high expectations. What can I say a couple of days after our stay?

It’s worth every cent. When I get the chance, I’ll book again.

I’d like to start by talking about the place itself. It’s really beautiful. It’s a relaxing and private village inside a forest. There’s no noise except for the occasional calls that the roaming peacocks make.

Make sure to look for this showoff!

Every noise you hear is a relaxing one. You know how people listen to nature noises recording to calm themselves? That’s what you’ll get here.

There are trees everywhere. This 250 year old mango tree is the most popular.

Apparently, you can have dinner here like what Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles did.

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Photo taken from The Farm’s fan page.

We do have a picture underneath the mango tree.

Mount Malarayat provides a nice backdrop.

It’s a welcome escape from the bustling city life. You’ll have no problems walking around the vast property with the trees providing a cool breeze and shade.

There are also lagoons and pools that are very relaxing to look at. Here’s the big lagoon.

It’s the perfect spot for a picture with your significant other.

This is the smaller lagoon near the reception area.

We also saw 3 pools. Here’s the pool by the spa.

Here’s the bigger south pool.

Here’s the pool that we loved the most – the waterfall pool.

I mean, listen to it.

I also would like to commend the staff. Everyone was very pleasant. It’s not like other resorts wherein guests are left to fend for themselves. You will be given a guide for the day’s activities and you will be guided accordingly.

Most of the staff I talked to also knew my name upon knowing what room I was in, giving me the impression that they’re briefed about their guests beforehand so they can provide personalized service. Thanks to Ms. Anne, Ms. Keycee, Tommy, Zaldy and the rest of the staff who assisted us.

The Villas

You can book The Farm at San Benito day tour, but I highly-recommend that you book at least an overnight stay for you to fully experience what it has to offer. You have 9 choices as far as villa type is concerned:

  • Sulu Terraces
  • Palmera Suites
  • Palmera Glass Villa
  • Anahaw Family Villa
  • Garden Villa
  • Garden Glass Villa
  • Narra Pool Villa
  • Master Villa
  • The Lakan

We stayed at the Narra Pool Villa.

Here are pictures!


These are the things that we loved about it:

  • It has its own pool! The 3 by 8 meter pool is even heated.
  • It sits on a ridge that offers an amazing view of the forest. You can enjoy this view from the pool or from the terrace.
  • There are plenty of lounging spots. There’s even a daybed.
  • The bathroom is massive. There are even 2 toilets. There’s also glass wall along the shower with a view of the garden outside. You get this feeling that you’re showering outdoors.
  • The room is well-designed. You can easily go to the pool or the terrace easily. There’s even a huge door from the bathroom that leads to the pool.

Here’s what you see when you look out the terrace.

Most importantly, it’s very private. Remember how Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles blew up the Internet? Their photoshoot gives you a pretty good idea as to how private the villa is.


A post shared by Aubrey Miles (@milesaubrey) on

We stayed in the same room!

There are actually a lot of things to love about the Narra Pool Villa. We loved it so much that we only left the room to take pictures of The Farm and to eat!

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Oh, and we also got to try one of their most popular programs – the live blood analysis.

Live Blood Analysis

This diagnostic program starts with a prick on a finger to extract a bit of blood. It’s then placed underneath a microscope and flashed onto a TV screen. You’ll see a visual representation of how healthy your blood cells are.

Happy to report that our blood cells are relatively healthy! Although Dr. Michelle – the amiable doctor who handled the diagnosis – recommended more vegetables and water for me and my wife!

Vegan Food at the Alive! Restaurant

I used to make a conscious effort to eat a vegan meal a day. I’m looking to get started on that again especially now that I’ve tasted how amazing vegan food can be thanks to the Alive! Restaurant.

Here’s what we had for dinner.

I apologize for the less than ideal lighting as the lighting inside the restaurant was understandably dim during dinner and I wouldn’t want to set up artificial lighting and disturb the other guests.

They use all natural and organic ingredients. They grow most of their ingredients right on their property. It sure helps that they have a big coconut plantation. This explains the use of coconut on a lot of their meals. They even have bacon made out of coconut that I enjoyed with their clubhouse sandwich.

We also loved the penne pasta and the Hawaiian pizza. The serving size is good. I also love how the total calories of each dish are listed on the menu.

Breakfast is also included in The Farm at San Benito rates.

It was a filling breakfast.

The cereal is something that I would eat every morning.

The Verdict

Yes, The Farm at San Benito room rates are more expensive as compared to other resorts. But if you’ve been working really hard and you feel that you, your meat-eating diet and your body need a vacation, then you should really just go ahead and book a stay at The Farm.

If you’re celebrating a special occasion or milestone like us, then the more reason you should just go ahead and book. This is something that you deserve. No, it’s something that you need.

Contact Details:

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Address: 119 Brgy Tipakan, Lipa, Batangas

The Farm at San Benito contact number: 632 884 8074 | +63 918 884 8078

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