Jayzar “Jay” Recinto is the CEO and Founder of Roaring Web Solutions which is the parent company of Hello Lipa. Jay is also a local influencer in the city of Lipa and the province of Batangas in general as the Chief Storyteller for Hello Lipa and Hello Batangas. Jay is one of the most trusted people in the province with a loyal base of followers waiting to try his latest recommendations.

Jayzar Recinto
Jayzar “Jay” Recinto

Born and raised in Lipa City, he decided to come back home after spending more than 10 years in Manila for college and work. Simply put, he got sick and tired of life in Manila and decided to come back home.

Jay is a self-taught digital marketing specialist with 10 years of experience in content, social media marketing, search engine optimization and digital marketing in general. He has worked with hundreds of clients all over the world for their digital marketing needs.

Recognizing that he can apply the same skills to help local business owners in Lipa City, he dropped most of his international clients to establish and build Hello Lipa back in 2015. Armed with a camera phone that takes dark pictures and his passion for storytelling, he started focusing on Hello Lipa as its Chief Storyteller.

Nowadays with a solid team in place, Jay focuses on helping clients with their branding and digital marketing needs through Hello Lipa’s parent company – Roaring Web Solutions. Working hand in hand with Hello Lipa, Jay also helps clients with their PR needs through their PR agency – Recinto Marketing Communications.

Of course, Jay still writes passionately for Hello Lipa.

Sheila Anne “Aisha” Recinto is the Head of Business Development for Hello Lipa’s parent company – Roaring Web Solutions. As a digital marketing expert, she handles the company’s international clients while helping the company’s growth.

Aisha Recinto
Sheila Anne “Aisha” Recinto

Aisha is a marketing degree holder who sets aside her Registered Nurse title to help run Roaring Web Solutions and its brands including Hello Lipa. Also with 10 years of digital marketing expertise, Aisha is an in-demand specialist, with clients all over the world for her lead generation and social media marketing expertise.

Aisha spearheaded the video capabilities of Hello Lipa before passing it on to our digital marketing executives so she can focus on the business development side of the company.

AJ Rosas is the Head of Digital Marketing of Roaring Web Solutions. His main responsibility is to serve as the main liaison between Roaring Web Solutions and its clients, putting his marketing degree to good use.

AJ Rosas
AJ Rosas

AJ is the first ever hire of Roaring Web Solutions. Thanks to an impressive showing during his internship, he was hired right after his graduation.

He used to be the graphic design department of the company, being a one-man team who edits pictures and key visuals all day. With the growth of the company, thanks in part to his productivity, he now leads our digital marketing team.

He also has a good eye for food photography. He also serves as a photographer during our restaurant features.

A storyteller in his own right, AJ also serves as our Head Scriptwriter for our newly-launched production house – Hello Lipa Productions.

Justine Catibog is part of the digital marketing team as a Digital Marketing Executive. A wizard with a video camera, his main responsibility is to take videos and turn them into an amazing story.

Justine Catibog
Justine Catibog

Justine also serves as our Director for Hello Lipa Productions.

Joy Coleen Delos Reyes is also part of the digital marketing team as a Digital Marketing Executive. Armed with a DSLR, Coleen captures the stories that we’d like to tell through her pictures. She has single-handedly changed how we take pictures with her own style and flair for photography.

Joy Coleen Delos Reyes
Joy Coleen Delos Reyes

Coleen also takes care of our graphic design needs. She also serves as Assistant Director for Hello Lipa Productions.

Reese Miakka Recinto is the 7 year old daughter of Jay and Aisha. A foodie and a traveler in her own right, she has the final say on whether we’re going to check a resort out or not.

miakka recinto

She’s also the Head of the Internship Program. Her main responsibility is to make sure that the interns are working hard and having fun at the same time.

Miakka is also a Brand Ambassador for Hello Lipa.