GC Beauty and Wellness Int’l is a premier beauty and wellness company that understands the beauty and wellness needs of men and women and provides the safe solutions to these needs. The company is run by well-trained and courteous professionals ready to assist you with your beauty and wellness needs.

It’s a pioneer here in Lipa City. It’s been providing for the beauty and wellness needs of men and women since 2005. Through the years of providing their services, they have established a loyal customer base. Men and women of all ages go to GC Beauty and Wellness to get pampered.

Trusted by Beauty Queens

It’s really no surprise that GC Beauty and Wellness is trusted by beauty queens. It has helped take care of the beauty and wellness needs of these lovely ladies – some of which have showcased the essence of their beauty at the local, national and soon, international stage.

They’re proud to call themselves, #GCWellnessBaby.

It’s not just for beauty queens. Although, you can expect to come out feeling like one with how you’ll be pampered here.

Feel at Home

One of the main reasons why it’s trusted by beauty queens is you can feel right at home here. It sure helps that it’s literally a home that’s been converted to a beauty and wellness center.

It also helps that its owner, Ms. Eva Beltran, RN., is one of the nicest entrepreneurs that you’ll ever meet.

Eva Beltran
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Ms. Eva Beltran, RN with her #GCWellnessBabies.

She treats her customers as friends and even members of the family – GC Beauty and Wellness Family, that is.

Relax Your Tired Feet

Obviously, beauty queens do a lot of standing and walking. When the standing and walking get tough, they go to GC Beauty and Wellness for a Foot Spa treatment.

Doesn’t this look very relaxing? Well, they sure look relaxed!

If ever you feel as if the rest of your body will be jealous if you stick to a foot spa, better get one of their massage services!

Believe me. I’ve been a customer of their massage services since they opened and it’s always a relaxing time.

How about your Underarms?

A lot of people don’t take care of their underarms. What you don’t see won’t hurt you, right? Well, up to the point when signs of neglect start showing and you end up embarrassed with your underarms. This is why it’s highly-recommended that you also pamper your underarms, and once again, GC Beauty and Wellness is here for you. Make sure to try their underarm laser with whitening treatment.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Just like Ciacia who has no underarm problems whatsoever, she chooses to take care of her underarms. As a well-known ambassadress who attends a lot of fashion events, it sure helps that she has the confidence to raise her arms in public.

Experience the Benefits of Gluta Drips

There’s a common misconception that the gluta drip treatment is just for those looking to get whiter. While that’s a known benefit, here are the other wellness benefits that you can experience if you undergo regular gluta drip treatments at GC Beauty and Wellness:

  • Fight the oxidative stress in your body.
  • Control inflammation.
  • It helps against aging.
  • It can fight depression.

These benefits are for just about anyone. In this highly-stressful world, it pays to sit down on one of their comfortable chairs for a few minutes, get hooked up for a gluta drip treatment, and get out feeling better.

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Branch 1: Yakal St.,Villa Lourdes Subdivision Lipa, Batangas

Branch 2: #63 TM Kalaw Street Lipa, Batangas

Phone Number: 0917 155 0978

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday 11 AM to 10 PM

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