When was the last time you had a relaxing massage? There’s a good chance that it’s been at least a couple of years. No thanks to the pandemic, you’ve put off your weekly massage.

Speaking of the pandemic, it has brought you countless stresses – both physical and mental. There are a lot of things that you should do to relieve yourself of these stresses, but there’s one thing that you can easily do now – get a massage treatment.

We found a nice spot for you – Acyntia’s Spa.

About Acyntia’s Spa

Let me start by saying that it’s one of the most beautiful spas I’ve been in, not just in Lipa, but the whole country.

You can just stay in their reception area and feel relaxed already.

Everything is geared towards helping you chill and relax. Even the smell and background music can help take the stress away.

Of course, the ambiance is just the beginning. For a spa treatment to be truly stress-relieving, the massage should be relaxing as well.

In the multiple times I’ve been there, the massages have been truly exceptional. You know those massages wherein you want to stay awake because you want to really feel the relaxation? That was a huge challenge for me wherein I failed because I couldn’t stay awake. Their therapists’ relaxing hands will lull you to sleep, and you’ll wake up feeling rested and relaxed.

Speaking of therapists, they’re very professional but at the same time, pleasant. You get this feeling that they want to do a good and professional job, but they want you to have a little bit of pleasant fun as well. You’ll be smiling not only because of the relaxing massage but also because of the pleasant disposition they’ll display.

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Contact Details:

📍 Location: Brgy. Dagatan, Lipa City (Enter the road across Amaia. It’s the road beside a warehouse-type building. It’s at the building currently under construction.)
📩 Via Messenger: m.me/acyntiasspa
📱 Via Phone: +63 995 292 4592

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