Editor’s Note: Our staff and interns were very productive for the week doing work for Hello Lipa. This is why we decided to reward them with a lunch at Romantic Baboy Malvar.

Nowadays, it’s relatively difficult to find good places to eat if you have 500 pesos. Yes, there are lots of options, but none of them can compare to what Romantic Baboy Malvar has to offer.

Situated in Malvar’s GrovePark Commercial Center, Romantic Baboy is one heck of a place to be. I can assure you that your 500 pesos will go a really, REALLY long way if you’re in Romantic Baboy Malvar.

A First-timer’s Note

It was my first time in a Samgyupsal place, and it will definitely not be my last as well. It started out as a friendly-looking meal, with meat all over the table. 5 minutes into the meal, it was still fine. But as time goes by, the meal turns into an absolute heaven.

Though a friendly tip, if you’re in Romantic Baboy, don’t order rice since you’ll be full easier and you’re not getting what you paid for. Thank me later.

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Festive Atmosphere

Maybe festive is a bit too much. But honestly, Romantic Baboy makes it known that everyone is welcome to their stand and that everyone deserves the best moment of their lives when they’re in their shop. It works, though. Everyone looks happy, and we’re really happy when we were eating, too.

What’s more perfect than good food and good people? That’s right, add good music into it as well, and we’re on a good atmosphere. They play some Korean music over there. Yes, everyone isn’t a fan, but I personally like it and they played my favorite song so I’m pretty much sold.

Meals Before Your Eyes

It was Korean food heaven, if I’m being honest. There were a lot of options in there other than samgyupsal. I tried their bibimbap, their rice, noodles and all the other meals that they offer, and I promise you it will all be worth it.

Oh, and that samgyup roll though!

Visit Romantic Baboy Malvar Today!

I never thought I could go to such a place. But now that I did, I want to go again. Romatic Baboy left me with more than just a feeling. It left me feeling in-love with the place. It has definitely won me over, and I ensure you that you will, too. Give it a try. I promise you’ll love it.

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Address: 2nd Floor GrovePark Commercial Center Brgy. Santiago, Malvar Batangas

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Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday from 11 AM to 12 AM

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