CODE HB of Mary Mediatrix Medical Center

A heart attack happens at the least expected time in the least expected place. Most people don't know what to do when they encounter someone having a heart attack.Do you know what to do? Do you know what number to call?Time is of the essence with something like this. Watch this infomercial by the Mediatrix Heart Institute of the Mary Mediatrix Medical Center (Official Fan Page) to know more about CODE HB – a program that they spearheaded that lowered the mortality rate caused by heart attacks.Watch this video NOW. You'll never know when it will attack. You'll never know who it will attack.Production Company: Hello Lipa Productions Producer: Jayzar RecintoExecutive Producer: Aisha Dansal RecintoDirector/First Cameraman/Lead Editor: Justine CatibogAssistant Director: Joy Coleen Delos Reyes Script Supervisor: AJ RosasSecond Cameraman/Assistant Editor: Prince CaraigProduction Sound Mixer/Subtitle Editor: Ayel Masilang Assistant Editor/BTS Photographer: Aren Panganiban

Posted by Hello Lipa on Thursday, 4 April 2019

A heart attack is a serious condition in which blood flow to the heart is blocked, usually due to a blood clot. If not treated immediately, it can result in serious damage to the heart and even death. If you suffer or see someone suffering from symptoms of a heart attack, immediately call an ambulance or the right medical authorities; heart attacks are a time-sensitive manner. 

Symptoms of a heart attack include chest pain, arm pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, and/or nausea or vomiting. However, not everyone may experience chest pain; the pain may feel mild and is either ignored or mistaken for indigestion. 

Code HB: Heart of Batangas Program, the first pilot program in the Philippines, was started by Mary Mediatrix Medical Center. This program aims to reduce the delays in the diagnosis and treatment of heart attacks by having a heart specialist walk the caller through what needs to be done so that the chances of the patient’s survival increases. 

Do not hesitate to visit your local medical authorities if you have questions or concerns regarding your medical history or any present medical worries. Everyone should watch this video so that they can become aware of the symptoms and treatments of heart attacks because we never know when it will happen. Thanks to Code HB, the mortality rate of heart attacks has decreased from 13% to 8%. With your help, you can reduce the rate even further – to 5%.