Lipa City was abuzz with excitement when word started going around the city that a milkshake shop would be opening. That’s not really unusual, until you realize that they’re not just offering your usual milkshakes. They’re offering a scientific approach to it, as they’re using liquid nitrogen to freeze their concoctions.

Say what now?


Again, science.

About The Milkshake Lab

The Milkshake Lab is a specialty chemistry-themed milkshake shop located at the Dayton Food Park along Ayala Highway in Lipa City. It’s owned by the same person who owns Burger Mania, Lelaii Garcia. In our Burger Mania feature, I said that Lelaii is one of the most innovative entrepreneurs we’ve met, and The Milkshake Lab is proof of this.

This is actually their 2nd branch, with the first one located in Calamba just like Burger Mania. You can say that it’s a success story tied with the success story of Burger Mania, and one look at their “experiments” will tell you why it’s successful. Grab a spoon, take a big bite, and you’ll be wondering why it’s not yet a countrywide phenomenon.

Extreme Milkshakes

There’s a good reason why they’re called extreme. Priced at anywhere from PHP 180 to PHP 220, each extreme milkshake has some of the best ingredients for your sweet tooth.

Extreme Milkshakes
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Extreme Milkshakes by The Milkshake Lab

You’d have to learn how to eat an extreme milkshake with one hand because the other hand will be on your phone busy taking pictures and Boomerangs just like these two Hello Lipa Buddies.

Milkshake Lab
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Hello Lipa buddies taking selfies at The Milkshake Lab.

The prices are also justifiable, considering how they’re meticulously done. The final products speak for themselves.

They’re also good for 2 to 3 people, so feel free to share.

Check out their Unicorn Dreamsicle (PHP 240), for starters.

It’s their most expensive extreme milkshake, but also their most popular. Oh, and it’s “so a-may-zing!”

We also tried the Freakshake (PHP 175).

Can you say chocolate overload? I love how the marshmallow topping was torched and then drizzled with chocolate sauce.

Speaking of chocolate overload, there’s also Biology (PHP 220).

Yep, that’s a thick slice of cake on top. I love nuts with my chocolate so this is perfect for me.

If you want to confuse your taste buds in a good way, you should try the Mix and Match (PHP 195).

If you haven’t tried Matcha and chocolate together, consider this a recommendation for you to try it. If you’re a Matcha lover, then you probably already made a mental note to try it out.

There’s also the Love Potion aka Tequila Rose (PHP 195).

It probably won’t make your crush fall in love with you, but at least you can give it to her and you can capture her pretty smile. Believe me, she will smile.

Oreo fans, the Oreology (PHP 195) will change your life.

Who knew that you can enjoy Oreo in several different ways? Oh and speaking of Oreo, make sure to try Brain Freeze.

It’s a mad scientist’s way of enjoying Oreo with milk. Liquid nitrogen is dumped on the Oreos, making them puffier. Dunk it in milk and then take a bite!

Nice Cream

If you want to keep things simpler, you can go for their ice creams. But if you’ve been observing a trend, you shouldn’t be surprised to know that there’s nothing simple about their ice creams.

Check out the Reese’s Puffs (PHP 185).

Peanut butter goes well with chocolate so the peanut butter cups are a good addition.

There’s also the Sugar Rush (PHP 150).

This may very well be a time machine because one bite will take you back to your childhood when the highlight of your afternoon is a glass of ice scramble (aka iskrambol). The flavors are very familiar. If we weren’t sitting on the floor, I suspect we’ll be swinging our legs as if we’re 8 years old on the park bench enjoying ice scramble on a hot afternoon.

As for the Nutella lovers, The Milkshake Lab got you with the Nutella Overdose (PHP 185).

Is death by Nutella overdose such a bad thing? It’s probably a good way to go.

Empirical Milkshakes

These are milkshakes frozen with liquid nitrogen and served in an Erlenmeyer flask. Man, I haven’t heard that term in more than a decade.

They served us the Straw Berryllium (PHP 130).

Such a beauty, isn’t it? It’s also a joy to sip!

Visit The Milkshake Lab Today!

Send a message to your group chat and invite the whole squad to The Milkshake Lab. These concoctions are best enjoyed with people that you enjoy hanging out with.

While you can definitely get lost in your own world while you enjoy their milkshakes and ice cream on your own with your eyes closed and a slight smile, they’re best enjoyed in the company of friends while you share milkshakes and ice cream over stories, smiles, laughter, and Instagram posts.

Here’s the menu!

Contact Details

Address: Dayton Food Park, Ayala Highway, Lipa City (2nd floor of Burger Mania)

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Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday 3 PM to 11 PM

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