I had low expectations when I visited Ka Jec’s Bangihan. I knew beforehand what they’re going to serve – street food like isaw, Adidas (chicken feet), and other street food staples. Don’t get me wrong. I love street food. I expected to enjoy the street food that I love, but this time in a cleaner and better environment. I didn’t expect to be blown away with a whole new experience. I mean, how different can it be?

Boy, was I wrong. Somehow, they were able to improve the street food that a lot of us love.

About Ka Jec’s Bangihan

We were invited by Eena Morada who is managing Ka Jec’s Bangihan. Asked for the inspiration behind their menu, she said that the owners love street food and grilled food in general. But of course, they understand that they have to offer something extra to pry us away from the street vendors serving the food that Ka Jec’s Bangihan is offering.

The location is good. They’re located along Ayala Highway. Parking shouldn’t be a problem. The place itself is big. It’s an open-air restaurant that adds to its laid-back appeal.

At first, you would think that it’s purely an inuman spot. But as you spend some time there, you’ll feel that it’s also a good place for the whole family.

Street Food and More

Dessert came first (we’re not complaining). I assumed that it’s because they just finished with their blessing since it was their grand opening. We were served with turon that has bananas and peanut butter inside. Man, I had about 4 sticks of the turon. It was so GOOD. It was already cold when served to us but it still tasted amazing. I’m sure it tastes even better when freshly-cooked and still crispy.

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Turon (banana and peanut butter)

While not technically a street food, we were also served with the fish fingers. It’s very crunchy and perfectly seasoned.

We knew that they also serve fried isaw, and I already have a picture of the fried isaw in mind since I buy it on the streets. I was pleasantly surprised when we were served with their version. It was presented differently, which really helps make it more appetizing.

I mean, take a look at this work of art.

Crispy Isaw
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If Pablo Picasso cooked fried isaw.

Oh and yeah, you would surely order more.

Of course, we were also served with grilled isaw.


I have to say that it’s one of the best I’ve tasted. It tasted clean which is of course very important. There are no bitter bites that make you wonder what you’re chewing on. It was also very flavorful. It’s almost like pork barbecue. It’s also very tender. I personally prefer my isaw slightly burnt and the ones they served us weren’t, but I didn’t mind.

We also tried the chicken barbecue. It’s quite a big piece. It’s also very juicy. It was perfectly cooked. It’s not one of those burnt-on-the-outside-but-raw-on-the-inside chicken barbecues. It was perfectly cooked inside and out. The marinade was able to penetrate every fiber of the chicken.

One of my street food favorites is chicken feet aka Adidas. The Adidas of Ka Jec’s Bangihan is the Yeezy of the street food.

I know a lot of people don’t like chicken feet because of its gelatinous texture. It wasn’t that gelatinous and you can easily separate the meat from the bone. You can even eat the smaller bones!

They have a lot of other dishes on their menu. According to the owners, they’re going to introduce new dishes every now and then. We tried their pulled pork sandwich which will soon be introduced. The owners admit that it’s a work in progress, but it’s off to a good start because the pulled pork’s very tender.

Here’s their menu for now.

There’s also live acoustic!

Live Acoustic
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Live Acoustic at Ka Jec’s Bangihan

Boodle Fight!

As an update, they’re now offering their inihaw dishes, boodle fight style! So the one they served us is good for 4 to 6 people. It’s reasonably priced at PHP 880.

We got invited back so we can try their new offerings, in addition to the boodle fight setup, they’re about to launch Chicken XXL which is Ka Jec’s version of this fried chicken famous in Taiwan. They’re also now offering Burger ala Ka Jec’s which features their special BBQ sauce. For dessert, they had us try their Fried Caramel Bar which is perfect to end a meal like this!

Check out the video below for our boodle fight experience.

Check it Out!

It’s all systems go for Ka Jec’s Bangihan as they formally opened today, January 5, 2017. Check it out now before the crowd arrives. Make sure to invite your friends. They won’t be disappointed.

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Address: Ayala Highway, Lipa City

Phone Number: +63917 150 5873 | (043) 274 6561

Operating Hours: Monday to Thursday 3 PM to 12 AM; Friday to Saturday 3 PM to 1 AM and Sunday from 3 AM to 10:30 PM

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