When it comes to shopping for clothes, it seems that we have two options – pay a lot of money for high quality clothes or pay cheap for cheap quality clothes. Thanks to Mervz Overruns, we now have a third option – pay cheap for high quality branded overruns.

Located along the busy CM Recto Avenue besides Chowking, it’s easy to miss this prized find of a clothing store if you’re driving or commuting. But thanks to the amount of foot traffic this area is getting, a lot of shoppers are now discovering this store and judging from the fact that it’s almost packed with customers all day every day, they’ve discovered what I’ve discovered.

This is a shoppers’ paradise.

First Impressions

Honestly, I was expecting more of an “ukay ukay” vibe. I was wrong. I was pleasantly surprised at how clean and well-organized the place is. Racks are organized so you can easily zoom in depending on what you’re looking for. But prepare to be overwhelmed even if you already have something in mind. There are lots of choices.

The store is also well-manned. Evangeline Pamis Lubrica, the shop’s owner, oversees an impressive team of knowledgeable and well-mannered salesladies. They’re there, but they don’t bug you. They let you shop in peace but are ready to answer whatever questions you may have.

Again, the place gets packed so the place may seem small and hot due to lack of air-conditioning. But take it as a positive. It gets packed and a lot of shoppers can’t be wrong. This is a good place to be for your affordable shopping needs.

Affordable Choices

I was planning on interviewing the owner as soon as I arrived. But after taking a couple of pictures and seeing what they have to offer, that plan went out the window as me and my wife shopped for ourselves.

You can basically buy whatever you need fashion-wise. There are jackets, pants, shorts, shirts and bags for men. Women can choose from tank tops, jackets, shirts, blouses, pants and shorts. We were there for about an hour and we weren’t able to check out everything.

Here are some pictures. Like their page for more pictures.

Speaking of affordable choices, here are some price ranges:

  • Men’s t-shirts (150 to 300 pesos)
  • Men’s pants (400 to 480 pesos)
  • Men’s shorts (250 to 350 pesos)
  • Men’s jackets (prices start at 400 pesos)
  • Women’s t-shirts (100 to 200 pesos)
  • Women’s blouses (150 to 250 pesos)
  • Women’s pants (350 to 550 pesos)
  • Women’s shorts (150 to 250 pesos)
  • Women’s underwear (3 for 100 pesos)

I’m sure there are more. I also saw long sleeved shirts and dresses for women. With this wide variety of choices and affordable prices, now you see why this place is considered to be a shoppers’ paradise. It’s time for you to experience it yourself. Visit Mervz Overruns!

Contact Details

Mervz Overruns Facebook Page (Like their page as they regularly update it with pictures and videos of old and new stocks.)

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday from 8AM to 9PM

Address: Brgy. 5 CM Recto Avenue, Lipa City (beside Chowking) Note: There’s no parking right in front of the store, so you have to park elsewhere.

Contact Number: 0905-548-5191



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