The Aboitiz Group, with its A-Park initiative, is big on contributing to the welfare of Mother Nature. As an active participant in the National Greening Program of the government, the Aboitiz Group held a groupwide simultaneous tree planting activity all over the country. The Outlets at Lipa joined in with 200+ volunteers spending their Saturday morning last July 14 planting trees all over the LIMA Technology Center.

About the A-Park Movement

The movement started in 2003 and since then, it has led to 5.7 million trees being planted nationwide. Its goal of planting 9 million trees by 2020 remains achievable thanks to the hardworking volunteers like the ones who showed up last Saturday.

The movement has dedicated 6,120 hectares all over the country for this initiative. With their initiative, they have sequestered an equivalent of 119,500 tons of carbon dioxide. This surpasses their 52,000 tons CO2e business consumption as of the end of 2017.

Tree Planting at LIMA Technology Center

The volunteers gathered at The Outlets at Lipa at around 8 AM.

After a short opening ceremony, off we went to different locations inside the LIMA Technology Center. Here are some pictures taken of the tree planting activity.

We then went back to The Outlets at Lipa for lunch and a group photo. Judging from the smiles of everyone, it looks like everyone had fun giving back to Mother Nature!

Until the next initiative of A-Park and The Outlets at Lipa!

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