A couple of weeks ago, we ran a contest on the Hello Lipa fan page. It was for the #HelloLipaDayAtBurgerMania. Basically, you need to comment what you love most about Burger Mania. There’ll be 10 winners selected and each one of them can bring a companion to enjoy unlimited burgers, wings, pasta, fries and drinks at Burger Mania!

We’ve anticipated that there’ll be a lot of entries. What we didn’t anticipate is how much people love Burger Mania Lipa based on the answers! Lelaii Garcia, the owner of Burger Mania, couldn’t help but feel touched by all the answers!

The Winning Entries

It was a hard task for Lelaii to choose with all the great answers. It was very challenging for her to choose these 10 winners.

Hello Lipa Day

We celebrated #HelloLipaDayAtBurgerMania last April 6, and we had an amazing time! Here are some pictures!

The Hello Lipa team, together with the 10 contest winners along with their companion, got a sneak peek at Burger Mania’s expansion in Lipa – Burger Mania To Go!

Burger Mania To Go is Burger Mania’s answer to those looking to enjoy affordable gourmet burgers on the go. Oh, and they’re buy 1 take 1! Its grand opening is on April 14! It’s also located at Dayton Food Park. Exciting, indeed!

Watch this video!

We were also the first ones to try their new burger and pasta offerings. These new offerings showcase Lelaii’s talent at putting together dishes that will surely capture the interest of Burger Mania’s customers.

I mean, the Seoulstice Burger can only be put together by a culinary genius.

Hello Lipa Day at Burger Mania served as a reminder as to why Burger Mania is successful. They maintain excellence in their present offerings, while they continue to offer new and exciting things to the public!

We’ll talk more about these new offerings on a separate article. For now, thank you Burger Mania for this unforgettable day!

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