How much did you spend for your car? There’s a very good chance that it’s one of the biggest investments you’ve made. After all, cars nowadays are very expensive. Once you’ve made that initial investment, you have to make sure that you protect it. Or else, your car will really depreciate in no time.

There are a lot of ways on how you can protect this investment of yours. Having it professionally cleaned regularly is one of the most basic ways to do it. This is why it’s really a shame that a lot of car owners neglect their car. It’s like throwing money away.

Why Car Owners don’t have their Car Washed Regularly

One of the most common reasons is it’s a boring task. Yes, that’s understandable, considering that it takes around an hour to have a car professionally-washed. It doesn’t help that most car washes are not conducive to waiting. It’s really quite a chore.

In addition, it can get pretty expensive. This is why a lot of people choose to just wash their car themselves.

These problems are solved by Jacob’s Car Wash.

About Jacob’s Car Wash

Jacob’s Car Wash is a car wash located at Heritage Ville., Banay Banay, Lipa City. It’s owned by Glenn and Joy Lunar and Rhandy and Moren Polias.

Right now, they choose to focus on their car wash service. They wanted to make sure that they’re offering the “Best Wash for the Best Price”. Looking at what you’re getting, it’s hard to argue against that.

Your car will be treated like royalty with the following:

  • 100% hand washing
  • Hand drying using an air compressor
  • Vacuum cleaning of interior
  • Tire dressing

All these personalized services at the following rates:

  • Motor (PHP 60)
  • Tricycle (PHP 80)
  • Car (PHP 100)
  • SUV (PHP 130)
  • Pick up (PHP 130)
  • Van (PHP 150)
  • Jeep (PHP 150)

Good deal, right? Now, consider the fact that you’re also getting the following freebies:

  • Quick wax
  • Dash board cleaning
  • Coffee (!)

With these freebies, the good deal is suddenly a great deal.

But wait, free coffee? Yes, they’re offering free coffee to their customers at their waiting area/diner!

About their Waiting Area/Diner

This solves the problem of an unpleasant wait time. They have a nice waiting area/diner where you can sit down and relax while enjoying your free coffee. In addition, you can also order if you’re feeling hungry.

They have a Kerrimo here! For something heavier, you can also choose from the following:

  • Baked macaroni

  • Fettuccini in carbonara sauce

  • Hotdog sandwich

So yes, feel free to relax and have your fill at their waiting area. Before you know it, your car is done!

They also have a clean restroom!

Have your Car Washed at Jacob’s Car Wash Today!

When was the last time that you had your car professionally washed? Maybe it’s time that you start taking care of your car better. Have it washed at Jacob’s Car Wash so you can take care of your tummy’s needs as well!

This video should convince you to go straight to Jacob’s Car Wash!

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Address: Heritage Ville., Banay banay, Lipa City (going to Mataas na kahoy right before the arc, behind Lunar Water Station)

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Phone Number: 09281480879

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