Past and present students in Manila will tell you that Ate Rica’s Bacsilog has been very instrumental for their survival. This is especially true among students of De La Salle University Main and nearby schools. When the going (meaning school work, budget, etc.) gets tough, they have one name they can rely on for comfort food that can fill them up even if they’re on a budget – Ate Rica’s famed Bacsilog.

About Ate Rica’s Bacsilog

Saying that it has humble beginnings is an understatement. Owner Rica Penalosa started this business with a kariton. Yes, the kind that you push and set up in your preferred location. She had this idea of specializing in bacsilog – leveling up the usual silog dishes by offering bacon in an affordable package. This made it a hit among students.

Fast forward to today and it now has over a dozen branches all over Manila. Staying true to its winning formula of offering bacsilog to students, most of their branches are near schools and universities.

Fortunately for us Lipeños, they now have a branch at the Gillid’s Food Camp right in front of De La Salle Lipa. This means that we can now enjoy Ate Rica’s Bacsilog and know why it has a cult-like following among Manila students.

Charles Villadelgado
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One of the franchisees of Ate Rica’s Bacsilog Lipa, Charles Villadelgado.

Ate Rica’s Bacsilog Lipa is franchised by Charles Villadelgado, Miguel Torrijos, Joel Faustino, Carmina Ymson, Carlo Rosales and Kyle Decampong. They’re a group of friends who studied in Manila and naturally, enjoyed Ate Rica’s during their school years.

Recognizing that this is something that should be enjoyed by Lipeños, they decided to franchise it so they can bring it to Lipa City. It’s perfect timing because the brand just started franchising. Ate Rica’s Bacsilog Lipa is the first franchised branch outside of Manila.

About their Bacsilog

The fact that they’re offering bacon, usually reserved for special breakfasts, at an affordable package makes them different from the rest of silog places.

What makes them better is the fact that they serve their bacsilog with their special cheese sauce concoction. The cheese sauce is both sweet and savory. It perfectly complements the perfectly-cooked bacon.

The whole dish is finished with a squirt of seasoning for that added flavor. It’s best enjoyed by mixing the whole thing together while still hot!

PRO TIP: Request for the egg to be cooked malasado!

Trying their Other Dishes

Just in case you’re not a fan of bacon (please check your pulse because that’s not normal), they have other dishes that you can try.

We tried the tapsilog.

The tapa is sweet and tender. It’s perfect with the saltiness of the cheese sauce.

We also tried the tosilog.

I’m a huge tocino fan and the sweet and sticky tocino covered in cheese really stood out.

They also have hotsilog and footsilog.

ate rica's footsilog
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We do have cheese hotdogs sold in stores, so this makes a lot of sense.

We also tried the nuggetsilog.

This is something that you won’t get to enjoy in other silog places.

Their silog dishes are priced at PHP 69 each. It’s served in an on-the-go cup which is perfect for on-the-go students.

It’s a really filling dish at an affordable price.

PRO TIP: You can also enjoy a Combo! For only PHP 95, you get to combine any two from the silog choices. Yes, you can enjoy bacon plus bacon!

Try it Today!

What I love about Ate Rica’s Bacsilog is they leveled up something as simple as a silog. The addition of their cheese sauce concoction may be a simple one, but it really improves the experience. In addition to adding flavor (together with the seasoning), it makes the dish more filling.

Go ahead and satisfy that curiosity. Want to know why it’s a favorite among Manila students? Try it today to find out!

Contact Details

Address: Gillid’s Food Camp (in front of De La Salle Lipa)

Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday from 9 AM to 9 PM

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