I consider myself an expert when it comes to Pinoy food served at home during fiestas and birthdays. I make it a point to try everything served, but there’s one dish that I always go for second servings – the morcon.

I’ve always thought that every morcon is the same as the next one. Well, except the variant with raisins in it that no one likes. Try one and you’ve tried them all, or so I thought.

This is why I had okay expectations when we were invited to try out the morcon of Golden Morcon de Lipa. I figured that it’s going to be like going to a fiesta in such a way that I’ll enjoy the morcon that I’ve always known and loved.

Boy, was I in for a surprise.

About Golden Morcon de Lipa

It’s a homebased business by the husband and wife team of Jhon Alvin and Rufa Princes Hernandez.

They started the business last June 22 using the recipe of Alvin’s mom. They started with just 18 pieces, quickly sold them all, and have been steadily growing as word about their morcon started to spread. Now, they’ve been selling more than a hundred pieces per day.

What Makes their Morcon Different?

Believe me when I tell you that I immediately tasted how better-tasting their morcon is as compared to those that we’ve grown to know and love. As soon as you take the first bite, you’ll immediately know the difference.

The usual morcon is packed with extenders like TVP or texturized vegetable protein to save on cost. Their morcon is pure ground pork (kasim with just a little bit of fat for flavor and juiciness) with just the right amount of flour and bread crumbs to bind the ground pork together.

Check out the ingredients.

Not included in the picture are some of their secret ingredients. Here’s the good news – no raisins!

Another thing that makes it different than the rest is it has ham, boiled egg and cheese as fillings. This makes the morcon meatier and tastier.  

As you can see, they don’t scrimp on these ingredients.

It’s also a good thing that they don’t use preservatives. Keep that in mind because naturally, this won’t last as long as those that are loaded with preservatives. That shouldn’t be a problem because this won’t last long in your fridge or freezer anyway since your family will be clamoring for it.

Made with Love and Hard Work

We watched the whole process and saw the hard work that they put into putting everything together. I can just imagine how hard it is for them to make hundreds of this at a time. But if it’s something that you love and is passionate about, it’s something that you’ll have no problems in doing.

They talk about their product as if it’s part of the family. They’re pretty proud of it and you’ll find out why as soon as you taste it. It tastes even better when fried!

Open for Resellers!

Their partner resellers are currently growing in number. They even have resellers that pick up their morcon in Lipa to be sold in Manila. If you want to earn some money reselling something that you can easily sell simply because it’s well-loved, get in touch with them.

Try it Today!

Buy a few of them to try and enjoy in your home so you’ll see why you haven’t enjoyed morcon if you haven’t tried Golden Morcon de Lipa. Soon, you’ll be ordering them by the dozen, whether to resell or enjoy at home during a celebration or even on a normal day!

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Address: B14 L14 P3 Camella Homes, Brgy. Tibig, Lipa City

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Contact Number: 09778014119

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