Café Tribu is one of the more popular coffee shop franchises with branches all over Metro Manila. It’s not unusual to see people walking around the metro with a cup of one of their popular Freeze Blend coffee drinks in their hand. It’s easy to see why this is the case. At just PHP 80 to PHP 85 per cup, it’s one of the more affordable drinks of its kind. As we’ve found out when we tried it, that’s PHP 85 well-spent.

The problem with most Café Tribu branches is they’re just kiosks offering drinks. They’re not offering food. Probably recognizing that Lipeños are food-loving people, the team behind Café Tribu thought that it’s best to open a full-service resto complete with meals to complement their already popular drinks.

Since the owners are Lipeños themselves, they know that we’re not just food-loving people. We’re GOOD food-loving people. As they’re set to open this Friday, September 8, we accepted their invitation so we can see for ourselves if Café Tribu Lipa City has what it takes to be embraced by Lipeños.

NOTE: The following dishes were served group meal style to accommodate our team of 5. The following serving sizes don’t reflect the actual serving sizes, as most of these dishes will be served ala carte style once they’re open.

Lovin’ their Nachos

What better way to start a meal than with a nice heaping serving of nachos?

The nachos are served with ground beef and cheese. I personally loved the consistency of the cheese. It complements the chips perfectly. The chips are crunchy. The crunch remains even after being smothered in cheese. They’re the perfect vessel for the generous topping of ground beef.

Order this as an appetizer or as a snack.

Finger Lickin’ Fish and Chips

I’m a huge fan of fish and chips, and Café Tribu’s version didn’t disappoint.

It’s not dough-y which is a fairly common crime in fish and chips. It’s perfectly crunchy, with its perfectly cooked batter complementing the delicate nature of the fish.

Longing for their Longanisa Pasta

Don’t let the simplicity of this pasta fool you.

It has everything that you’re looking for in a pasta dish – perfectly al dente pasta and a sauce and protein that complements each other well. The relatively simple sauce complements the richness of the sweet and savory longanisa, with the cherry tomatoes providing a fresh twist.

Check out their new pasta dishes!

Gimme Some Extra Rice for the Pork Adobo and Binagoongan

As soon as the pork adobo and binagoongan were placed on the table, I knew that my diet’s in trouble.

I wasn’t wrong, as I had about 3 cups of rice. Even the lovely ladies of Hello Lipa couldn’t say no to extra rice.

Hello Lipa
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Hello Lipa ladies enjoying a conversation while enjoying their meal at Cafe Tribu.

Healthy but Filling Sandwiches

Not in the mood for a heavy meal? Try their sandwiches!

These sandwiches will make you feel good about yourself. They’re a good way to get some healthy greens in your body. They’re also very filling and can be a snack or a light lunch/dinner.

Crispy Fried Chicken

This was the most surprising dish we tried.

It’s so good! It was served piping-hot but that didn’t stop me from taking juicy bites after juicy bites. The skin, while not heavily covered in batter or breading, is very crispy.

The fried chicken was served with a dipping sauce of some sort but honestly, I wasn’t able to try it. The fried chicken is good enough on its own.

Breakfast All Day, Every Day

Café Tribu Lipa City will also be serving all-day breakfast fares. We got the chance to try 3 of them.

At this point, we were already full, so papak na lang. You can’t go wrong with tapa and longanisang Taal, and the sausage is pretty good as well. I’m sure they’ll go perfectly with fried rice and egg along of course with a hot cup of coffee.

Of Course, Try their Coffee!

As mentioned, their Freeze Blend coffee drinks are priced at PHP 80 and PHP 85.

I took a sip of each one and they’re all good and refreshing. Each variety offers a unique taste. They have 9 varieties of the Freeze Blend so the whole gang can order a different one, or just rotate them for your everyday Freeze Blend coffee fix!

They also serve hot coffee.

Hot Coffee
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We’ll try the Tea Coolers next time.

Make Room for Dessert!

They have some of the most tempting cakes I’ve seen.

The cakes have to wait, but we couldn’t resist the carrot cupcake and brazo cupcake. The carrot cupcake is the best carrot cupcake I’ve ever tried. It has that creamy taste lacking in other carrot cupcakes. The brazo cupcake is very good as well. I love how the creamy filling complemented the airy brazo.

See You at the Opening on September 8!

Cafe Tribu Lipa
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Hello Lipa co-founders with the owners of Cafe Tribu Lipa.

Be among the first to try Café Tribu Lipa City. They’re opening this Friday, September 8! Enjoy great food and coffee with your family and friends! Check them out at The Courtyard, Big Ben Complex, Lipa City!

Contact Details

Address: The Courtyard, Big Ben Complex, Lipa City (The Courtyard is at the back of Big Ben)

Fan Page

Phone Number: 0917 385 1604

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday 10 AM to 10 PM

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