I first saw Collosso House of Giant Burgers I think a couple of years ago along the busy highway of Paninsingin. I remember wanting to try it out badly. After all, they’re advertising giant burgers. But due to lack of parking space, I wasn’t able to try it out. I remember being sad when they closed, with me unable to try their giant burgers.

So imagine my excitement when I found out that Collosso Lipa is making a comeback, this time at a more accessible location at The Courtyard of the Big Ben Complex. I immediately said yes when they invited me to try it out.

NOTE: Lots of parking spaces here!

About the Giant Burgers of Collosso Lipa

As the tagline, House of Giant Burgers, imply, Collosso Lipa serves giant burgers. If I’m not mistaken, they started the trend of giant burgers here in Lipa City.

Collosso Lipa City
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Collosso Lipa at their accessible location at The Courtyard Big Ben Complex.

While they do have junior-sized burgers, they’re known for their giant burgers that start with their XS (extra small) size of 5 inches, which would leave you wide-eyed and wondering how you’re going to finish it if you’re expecting an extra small burger. They also have the Small (7 inches), Medium (10 inches), and Large (14 inches).

Yep, their burgers will point at your diet and laugh at its face. Better schedule a visit here on your cheat day.

You have 8 delicious options for their burgers.

Needless to say, their giant burgers are loaded. They’re not just giant burger buns. They’re giant burger buns packed to the brim with burger patty/patties and fresh and complementary toppings.

Don’t believe me?

Okay, a lot has been said about the sizes of their burgers. We get it. Their burgers are huge. That’s good for your IG feed. But did it pass the most important test of all? I’m talking about the taste test.

The first thing that you have to know is they use 100% beef for their burgers, and it’s quite obvious the moment you take your first bite. You’re not going to taste extenders. It also helps that they use high quality beef.

Best of all, their patties are homemade. That’s very important for high-quality burgers.

As a disclaimer though, a few people may think that their burger patties are a little bland on their own. That’s by design. They don’t over-season their burger patties simply because we all have different preferences when it comes to seasoning. It was perfectly seasoned for me especially with the complementary condiments and toppings on the burgers. But if it’s a bit bland for you, there are salt and pepper shakers on the table so you can season it according to your preference.

Imagine biting into a burger that’s a bit too over-seasoned for your taste. What else can you do but try to finish the whole thing? That’s what the owners of Collosso Lipa would like to avoid. They want each and every patty to be seasoned according to the liking of each and every customer.

Think of it like lomi. A lot of the lomi houses serve their lomi rather bland. It’s because we’re going to use soy sauce, calamansi and chili on it anyway. This way, we get to control how our lomi is going to taste. The same thing applies to the burgers of Collosso Lipa.

The important thing is the burger patty is cooked perfectly. It takes a special skill to make sure that bigger patties are cooked perfectly. Bigger patties have a tendency to be overcooked on some parts and undercooked on some parts. This wasn’t the case with the giant burgers of Collosso Lipa.

Their burgers are served with drinks and chips.

Not Just about Burgers

If you’re extra hungry, you should also try their other offerings that complement their burgers well. They have 3 different pasta dishes – Thor (bacon and tomato pasta), Poseidon (tuna aglio olio pasta), and Hercules (carbonara).

It’s good to see a restaurant specializing in burgers serve great pasta dishes. I know you’re not supposed to slurp pasta, but it’s something that you can’t help when you try their pasta.

They also serve the Hulk which is burger steak with rice.

They use the same burger patty for this so needless to say, it’s good.

You should also try the Bumble Bee which is their take on the classic fried chicken.

We all loved their fried chicken. It’s so crispy, with the crispy skin and garlicky breading trapping the moisture in. Cut through the crispy skin and watch as the steam escapes. It’s fascinating to watch. The moisture is sealed in, though, so every bite is juicy.

They also serve coffee!

A cup or two of Barako coffee is perfect after a heavy meal.

Try it with Your Friends!

Collosso Lipa is one of those restaurants that you have to try as a group. It’s best enjoyed by ordering one of those massive burgers along with their other dishes and sharing it with your best friends. So share this post and tag your friends!

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Address: The Courtyard at the back of Big Ben Complex

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Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday 1 PM to 9 PM

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