I personally have fond memories of Hayden Pasta Plus. I remember stumbling upon their old shop inside the Big Ben Complex by accident and falling in love with the food and the prices. I loved the food so much that I shared my experience on the Hello Lipa fan page, then known as “Things To Do In Lipa City”. It was the very first feature that I did on the page and the rest, as they say, is history.

This is why I have a soft spot for Hayden Pasta Plus and was sad when they closed shop to move to a farther location. It’s been a couple of years since then, and now they’re back in the heart of the city. I’m not about to pass up on the chance to enjoy the Italian food that they serve that I love.

Touching Base with Chef Hayden

Chef Hayden sent a message to our page saying that they’re now open at a new location. Imagine my excitement when I received the message. Flashbacks of the fond memories I’ve had poured in.

After sharing memories back and forth, we made plans for us to visit their new shop so we can check it out ourselves. That day finally came last Tuesday, and the happiness of enjoying an affordable Italian meal is still inside of me.

The New Restaurant

Hayden Pasta Plus
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Hayden Pasta Plus at its new home.

They’re now located at a charming old house along Sabang beside Puregold. It’s literally an old house that they converted into a restaurant, with tables and chairs at both levels of the house. There are even rooms that have been converted into a dining area.

Fortunately, they turned two of the rooms into KTV rooms. Yes, they have KTV rooms now!

Aside from the fact that they have KTV rooms now, the Hayden vibe is still there. The place is still homey and unassuming. You get this feeling that you’re just in your home, waiting to be served a great meal that you’ll enjoy with the family.

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The Hayden team treats its customers as family.

With the bigger place, they’re also now able to host events! They regularly hold mini-concerts to promote local artists. Basically, they’re giving these local artists a place where they can play in front of a crowd, while said crowd is enjoying slices after slices of homemade pizza and maybe a bottle or two of beer.

Hayden Pasta
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A group of regulars enjoying a couple of bottles of beer and pizza after a shift.

The Food that We All Love

We started with several appetizers. Yes, several!

First up was the Loaded Fries.

The fries are crunchy on the outside and mushy on the inside just like popular fast food fries. It’s loaded with toppings which makes it a very filling appetizer or pulutan.

We also tried the Pesto Bruschetta.

In my opinion, this is the perfect antipasto for an Italian meal.

Another winner is the Fried Mozzarella.

I loved the contrast in texture as you bite into the crunchy exterior before the gooey and cheesy goodness inside of it.

Another appetizer we tried is the Chicken Wings 2 Ways.

Chef Hayden said that this is a popular item on the menu and I knew why the moment I took my first bite. Enjoy it as an appetizer, with rice, or with beer!

Being in an Italian place, of course we had to try their pasta. We started with the Italian Pomodoro.

The Pomodoro sauce tasted as if the freshest of the fresh tomatoes were used. This is a light pasta dish so feel free to order it with other items on the menu. If you’re a fan of Italian pasta sauces, this is a good dish to try.

For something heavier, you can try the Bacon Carbonara.

You see that bread on top? You’d be using it to wipe the plate clean so you can enjoy every drop of the carbonara sauce.

We also tried the GI Joe Burgers.

These burgers may look simple, but wait until you take your first bite. There’s something uniquely good about the patty that I can’t quite place. It tastes almost…chocolatey. The sweet onions made it even better.

Hayden Pasta Plus has always been known for their affordable pizza that can rival the pizza of more expensive pizzerias. It’s good to know that it’s still the same.

There’s the Pizza Margherita.

This pizza with its Italian colors of red, white and green is the perfect embodiment of Italian pizza. The combination of mozzarella cheese and fresh basil is a hit.

For something meatier, try the Superman Pizza.

I know what the superpower of this pizza is – it will make your hunger go away!

Chef Hayden promised a treat, and he delivered with the Italian Stromboli.

This is not part of their menu, but is made available by Chef Hayden every now and then. Believe me. You have to hope that the lucky stars align when you visit and this is made available because it’s something that you have to try.

If it’s too early for beer, these refreshing drinks will do.

With a meal like this…

…you just know that we’re getting dessert! We ended the meal with Chocolate Espresso Mousse.

It’s perfect if you don’t like desserts that are too sweet. It’s sweet, but it has a touch of bitterness from the espresso.

Here’s their complete menu!

Hayden Pasta Plus Menu
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Visit Hayden Today!

Hayden Pasta Plus has all the elements for a good time – delicious food at affordable prices, laid-back ambiance, and great music provided by local artists. So if you’re looking for a good time, light that group chat up and invite your friends for a night at Hayden Pasta Plus!

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Address: Gen. Luna St. Lipa, Batangas (beside Puregold)

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Hours of Operation: Monday to Sunday 11 AM to 11 PM

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