Looking for your dose of caffeine around Lipa City? Wondering where to chill with a coffee by the hand? Searching for a destination where you can free your millennial self? Inside the Box has got you covered, fam! With their selection of coffee and comfort food, it’s surely a great find among the countless of coffee shops in the city.

What’s Inside the Box?

Inside the Box is the first coffee shop in Lipa City to offer third wave coffee. It is an innovative café managed by a group of passionate individuals who share the love for coffee and good food. The concept of “inside the box” originated from Ms. Iris Rivares, the stylist of Inside the Box Events and Creative Studio. Having been newly opened last September 2017, Inside the Box has been making a buzz among the millennials, young professionals and millennials at heart.

The coffee shop is a canvas of pastel and industrial interior mixed with a combination of caffeine and comfort food. Their menu prides itself on providing satisfaction for the millennial taste, which consists of a variety of pasta, coffee blends and other refreshments. Their choices of food are also free from preservatives and are made from fresh ingredients, so customers can enjoy good food the healthier way.

Here’s a sneak peek of the café’s interior:

The coffee shop is also a getaway destination for journal and stationary enthusiasts. Their mini pop up shop inside holds an array of planners, journals, stickers and other stationery items. They’re also selling the Dikit Barako stickers, which feature typographic designs of Batangueño expressions.  Perfect for your scrapbook or journaling projects! Their present collection is still small, but expect more stationery goodies in the future.

The cafe ultimately aims to spread good vibes among their customers. Aside from the food and drinks, they’ve also been conducting small events for fans of art and aesthetics. They’ve got new workshops in line for their customers, including a beginner’s guide to calligraphy and hand lettering, flat lay photo styling workshop and moodboard making 101.

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy your special events or conduct private meetings, then Inside the Box is the place to go! The whole café can accommodate up to 50 persons. When you rent the place for your special events, you’ll also be given the privilege to create your own menu. They’ll be willing to come up with a line of dishes that will suit your special occasion’s needs.

Unboxing the Artisan Menu of Inside the Box

Start off the good vibes with their collection of specialty coffees, all assortments inspired by the third wave coffee movement. Enjoy high-quality coffee in hot or iced variety with flavors including Americano, Caramel Machiatto, BT Mocha Latte and more.

Get a surge of caffeine and sweetness when you try their Barako Blends. You can enjoy this chilling coffee drink in two flavors – the ITB Dark Chocolate Chip and ITB White Chocolate Mocha. You can enjoy both flavors at an affordable price of Php 199!

inside the box cafe
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The two flavors of Barako Blends: ITB Dark Chocolate Chip and ITB White Chocolate Mocha

You can also beat the heat with their summer drinks. Flavorful drinks include Cucumber Basil Lemonade, Pineapple Mango, Strawberry Mango and Choco Banana.

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One of ITB’s summer drinks, the Cucumber Basil Lemonade

Editor’s Note: I loved the Cucumber Basil Lemonade. I loved it so much that I didn’t share it with the group.

Fans of pasta dishes can indulge in the cafe’s pasta menu. You can choose between the creamy Tuna Carbonara, the Puttanesca Sardines pasta with a little bit of spice or the old-time favorite Spaghetti with Meatballs.

If you’re on the lookout for pocket-friendly meals, then look no further. At a very affordable price of Php 99, you can enjoy a plate of sweet and sour pork, garlic chicken fingers or fish fillet in oyster sauce.

Inside the Box also offers rice bowls, including Batangas Longganisa and Pan-fried Bangus.

Editor’s Note: Get the pan-fried bangus! The bangus lover in me gives it a thumbs-up! My wife is a fan of the adobo flakes (not tried during this visit).

Enjoy a steaming or ice-swarmed cup of coffee with their ITB Clubhouse, Caesar or Quesadilla sandwiches.

Editor’s Note: Their version of the clubhouse is beautiful. It’s also not your usual clubhouse. It’s healthier, but still yummy!

What’s in Store for Inside the Box?

Since they opened for business, Inside the Box has been on a nonstop work to innovate more ideas, food and other surprises for their millennial patrons. They’re currently cooking up something sweet, so better get those sweet teeth ready! You can also look forward to more cheesy dishes in their menu in the future.

Step Inside the Box and Experience Coffee at its Best

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The buzzing people of Inside the Box – all ready to greet you with a smile!

Why spend too much to experience a combination of good coffee and delectable dishes when you can enjoy both at a reasonable price? Discover the aroma of artisan coffee, sweet blends and palatable foods located at High 5 Building’s second floor along Ayala Highway. Enjoy your caffeinated pleasures at Inside the Box now!

Contact Details

Facebook: Inside the Box Cafe

Instagram: @insidetheboxcafeph

Email: [email protected]

Contact No: 0945 423 7259

Address: 2F High 5 Building, Mataas na Lupa, Lipa City

Store Hours: Monday to Sunday from 10 am – 10 pm

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