Aside from the wondrous sightseeing landmarks and their interesting culture, Japan is also known for their unique, culture-proud cuisine. From mouthwatering ramen to hard-to-stop-eating sushi and sashimi, you can never go hungry with Japanese food.

Thinking about it now makes you crave for some Japanese delicacies. Do you have to go to Japan to experience and enjoy their authentic cuisine?

Ahem* Ichiban Boshi *ahem

No need to hassle yourself on going to Japan just to get a taste of authentic Japanese cuisine. Ichiban Boshi will surely take you on a gastronomic excursion to Japan!

The Tale of Ichiban Boshi

Ichiban Boshi is a Japanese-themed restaurant that serves authentic Japanese cuisine. The name means “number one star” in Japanese, and you’ll surely feel like one with their line of mouthwatering Japanese food complemented with friendly staff and authentic Japanese interior.

Mr. Dindo Katigbak, the owner of Ichiban Boshi, loves out-of-the-country itineraries. On his visit to Tokyo, Japan, he came across a Japanese resto offering authentic Japanese food. The food and the ambiance inspired him to bring a bit of Japan here in the Philippines.

On his trip back to the Philippines, he went on a search for a chef that specializes on Japanese cuisine. He found his path crossing with Chef Ronald Blace. For 20 years, Chef Ronald has worked on Japanese cuisine, mastering the taste, presentation and the uniqueness of Japanese dishes. Ideas and conversations were made between them, and thus, Ichiban Boshi was born.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Ichiban Boshi is part of the Your Cheff’s Place group of restaurants that also includes Ala Fiesta, Uncle Cheffy and Cafe Stella.

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The exterior of Ichiban Boshi

On the outside, it may look like a normal restaurant with some chairs and a little bit of plants here and there. But when you step inside? It feels like visiting a restaurant in Japan itself. The famous red-and-black theme of authentic Japanese dining locations was present along with those red lanterns across the ceiling and those miscellaneous decorations that complete the overall ambience of the place. Oh, and let’s not forget the Japanese instrumental music playing in the background that complements your relaxing dining experience at Ichiban Boshi.

Here’s how it looks like to step into Japan, er… I mean Ichiban Boshi:

The best part about Ichiban Boshi’s interior is not only about the decorations, but the dining settings as well. Here, you’ve got three dining options. You can choose to enjoy some Japanese food on a normal dining setting with the normal tables and chairs. Or, you can choose to eat like a typical Japanese with their Horigotatsu dining table. It’s basically a dining setting where there’s an open space on the floor with a low table covering it, and you are sitting on the floor without cramping your legs. If you’re dining alone and doesn’t want to take a large table, there are available seats on the counter.

Mr. Wilson de Castro, the operations manager of Ichiban Boshi, shared the secret that makes customers coming back to their resto. According to him, authenticity makes them unique. Unlike other Japanese restaurants that believe on the importance of putting a personal touch on their food, Ichiban Boshi remains devoted to the authentic Japanese taste. They wanted to give their customers a real glimpse of the dining experience in Japan, so they see to it that they remain as close and real as those restos in Japan.

If you think Japanese cuisine is all about ramens and other hot dishes, then you’re mistaken. Japanese cuisine is perfect for every kind of weather. Feeling cold? They have different varieties of ramen to keep you warm. Feeling hot and uncomfortable? Try their cold soba and Kakigori.

If you simply want to enjoy something you wouldn’t be able to enjoy at home, then a trip to Ichiban Boshi is warranted.

Authenticity Has Never Tasted This Good

We were able to indulge on the mouthwatering, bestselling dishes of Ichiban Boshi. And because sharing is caring, we’ll share this privilege to you through words and photos. Ready those chopsticks and hungry appetites and let’s start taking on the Japanese goodness of Ichiban Boshi!

First on our gastronomic list is the Dragon Maki. Presented in a resemblance of a dragon, this dish is a parade of maki rolls with breaded prawns inside and topped with mango slices. As you first take a bite, you’ll feel a little bit of spice while enjoying the crunchy texture of the breaded prawn inside.

Next, we have the mixed sashimi. This dish is a famous Japanese delicacy consisting of fresh fish and seafood, sliced into thin pieces. Fresh slices include tuna, crab stick, salmon and shrimp. The dish is also complemented with a small serving of egg custard.

If you ever find yourself in Ichiban Boshi, their Ichiban Boshi ramen comes highly recommended. It is a noodle dish served in a meat broth and topped with grilled beef, green onions and egg. Be sure to get it while it’s hot!

Some of us feel incomplete without having rice with their meal. In that case, you should try their Yakimeshi, a Japanese fried rice with egg, meat and vegetables. This Japanese version of Chow Fan is simply flavored with salt, pepper and soy sauce, but it gives you the same burst of Asian flavors as that of Chinese fried rice.

Get your dose of carbs, veggie goodness and protein when you try their Gyoza. This pork dumpling dish is composed of meat and cabbage stuffed in wonton wrappers. It has a subtle yet juicy flavor that will keep your chopsticks coming back for more.

EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s the perfect side dish to a hot bowl of ramen.

Moving on to another famous Japanese dish, Ebi Tempura is made up of shrimp coated in a light flour-based batter. Their version of tempura has the perfect crunch combination to the plump shrimp inside. Don’t forget to dip the tempura into the sauce to complete the perfect tempura taste.

And a little fact sharing: Did you know that tempura is actually considered an art form during the Japanese 17th century?

Now that your eyes are full from their main and side dishes, it’s time for desserts! First on our sweet list is the banana tempura ice cream. The bananas in this dessert are coated in a light tempura batter, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of chocolate syrup. The plain vanilla ice cream complements the same sweetness of the banana, giving it just enough sweetness. And the syrup is not that sweet either, so the sugar level is not overpowering.

They are also serving the Japanese version of halo-halo known as the Kakigori. This Japanese traditional summer treat is a pile of thinly shaved ice poured with different syrup flavors and sometimes comes with evaporated or condensed milk. We were able to try the Mango Kakigori,  and mango has never tasted as good and cold as this dessert. It’s definitely a sweet treat you’ll be looking forward to during the scorching days of summer!

The Future of Ichiban

Ichiban Boshi may have just recently opened this January 2018, but things are already looking bright for them. The resto is looking to open a second branch at The Outlets at Lipa this year. Also, make sure to be on the lookout for updates on their menu as they always work on new and scrumptious dishes to serve!

Take a Quick Trip to Japan without Leaving Lipa City

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The friendly and energetic people behind Ichiban Boshi

What makes life interesting is the privilege to try new and exciting things. If you want to take this privilege in the form of Japanese gastronomic delight while enjoying an authentic Japanese ambiance, be sure to check this place out. There’s no better place to practice those chopstick skills than Ichiban Boshi!

EDITOR’S NOTE: With this feature satisfying your sense of sight, it’s time for you to head to Ichiban Boshi so you can satisfy your other senses…mainly your sense of taste!

Contact Details

Facebook: Ichiban BOSHI

Contact No.: 0955 687 9878

Address: Pilahan Brgy. Sabang, Lipa City (near Lipa City Hall and SM Lipa)

Store Hours: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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