I have vivid memories of the first time Kenny Rogers Roasters invaded Lipa City. As a growing high school kid, I remember watching the rotisserie with dozens of chicken being roasted with anticipation. Of course, ordering a dozen of their classic corn muffins to go is a once a week highlight. So you can just imagine my disappointment when they closed.

Sure, Kenny Rogers Roasters thrived in other locations, and I never fail to eat at a branch in Manila whenever I get the chance. But still, it’s a different feeling if you get to eat their juicy roast chicken and corn muffins every time you get the cravings. In my case, the cravings come often.

Imagine my tears of joy when I saw the sign of Kenny Rogers Roasters going back to Lipa City. This time, with yummier and healthier dishes.

Their Location

Kenny Rogers Roasters Lipa City is in a convenient location right along Ayala Highway beside Lipa Medix. It’s hard to miss it.

The interiors are new and fresh, just like their food offerings. There are a lot of tables that can get packed during lunch and dinner hours.

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Oh and this time, they have a big space just for parties. They’re offering a new and fun way to celebrate baptisms, birthdays and other parties. For party inquiries: (0917) 815 6325 or 774 9000.

Deliciously Healthy Dishes

We all know that roast chicken is healthier than deep-fried chicken so we already know that their chicken is healthier than most restaurants’ chicken. Their roast chicken needs no introduction. It’s served hot, juicy, and oh so yummy. I haven’t had a dried chicken from Kenny Rogers Roasters just yet, and people who follow me know that I eat a lot here.

You can’t go wrong with their Solo A dish that comes with a quarter chicken, rice, your choice of side dish and muffin. We had their steamed vegetables side dish this time.

We can also recommend their mac and cheese, mashed potato, chicken macaroni and sour cream and chives potato side dishes. They have more so make sure to check.

The High Protein Plate is a personal favorite especially for a post workout meal. It features a quarter roast chicken, tuna vegetable salad, steamed rice and iced tea.

They have other Healthy Meals plates like their High Fiber, Classic Healthy Plate and Low Calorie Meal plates.

They also have grilled entrees. Their grill master was pretty busy when we visited.


Check out this Grilled Chicken – American Barbecue plate.

How about this Burger Steak?

They’ve also introduced their OMG Unfried Fried Chicken. It’s a healthier version of the fried chicken because an air fryer is used to fry it, which means that less oil is used. I didn’t want rice when I first tried it so I just went for their steamed vegetables side dish to make this healthier meal, healthier.

I don’t eat fried food that much, but this is a welcome choice whenever I do get that craving for fried chicken. I was pleasantly surprised at how crunchy the skin was. It has a different type of crunch, but still crunchy nonetheless. It’s still very juicy which was surprising considering that it wasn’t cooked drenched in oil.

Of course, you can still enjoy a meal at Kenny Rogers Roasters Lipa City if you’re not really looking for healthy meals. You can still satisfy your heart’s desires with deep fried chicken, baby back ribs, pasta, sandwiches and more. You can check out this link for their whole menu.

Come Visit!

We love Kenny Rogers Roasters Lipa City. It’s a good place to eat at if you want to eat healthy and delicious meals. Meals are served hot and fresh. There’s a good ambiance. Their staff is always ready and willing to help. It’s always a good experience eating here at Kenny Rogers Roasters Lipa City!

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