It’s really problematic that a lot of Filipino families still have this old-school approach when it comes to financial security. They feel that all they need to do is to save money in the bank. While saving money in the bank is good for your immediate expenses and emergency fund, it’s not going to ensure your financial security.

The main enemy is inflation. With the inflation rate at a high of 6.7% just last September of 2018, a bank interest rate on a savings account of just around 1% means that your money is losing its value in a bank.

Also, a lot of Filipino families don’t like thinking about death. That’s understandable. But what we should be thinking about is what happens to our family when we die. It’s not a matter of if. It’s a matter of when. It’s also a matter of who’s going to take care of your family when you die.

More and more people, including millennials, are taking care of themselves. They’re eating better. They’re more active. The question is – how’s their financial health?

How’s YOUR financial health?

Fortunately, there’s a financial consultancy firm like Roaring Lions Financial and Associates.

About Roaring Lions Financial and Associates

Roaring Lions Financial and Associates is a firm composed of the country’s top financial professionals in the field of financial planning and personal risk management. Their founder, Mr. Joshua Emmanuel Bayabo, CWA®, RFP®, MDRT®, is one of the youngest financial advocates in the Philippines and a member of the Million Dollar Round Table, the international association of the Top 2% Financial Professionals in the world.

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Mr. Joshua Emmanuel Bayabo, CWA®, RFP®, MDRT® (extreme right) with top some financial professionals from Roaring Lions Financial and Associates.

Established June of 2016, Roaring Lions Financial and Associates is a financial consultancy firm that envisions to bring financial security to Filipino families. Their premier team, headed by Mr. Joshua Emmanuel Bayabo, CWA®, RFP®, MDRT®, is composed of 19 highly-competent professionals who give a range of services from personal finance and wealth portfolio management to insurance, investment, educational, retirement, and estate planning.

The firm’s advocacy is to help every Filipino reach financial prosperity and promote financial literacy in the Philippines. They give professional financial advice from cash flow management, protection analysis, to investment management and estate planning. They also include business consultancy to protect SMEs/Corporations from financial burden especially to the key person of the core business. These services are provided for free of charge.

Should You Worry about your Financial Health and Security?

Everything is okay now. You’re earning money. Bills are paid. There’s money in the bank. Life is good. But we all know that life has a funny (nasty?) way of challenging us. Here are some alarming statistics.

If you love yourself and your family, these figures should be enough for you to start working on your financial literacy and financial health today.

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Their financial strategists understand the needs of Filipinos from all walks of life, hence their commitment to efficient customer service and to building lasting relationships with their clients. Guided by their principles of Ethics, Excellence, and Professionalism, Roaring Lions Financial keeps true to their mission of spreading financial literacy in the Philippines.

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