Fitpark Wellness Gym, in its quest to offer complete fitness and wellness, is also offering group classes. One of their newest group classes is the Athletic Cardio class, and yes, it’s as challenging as it sounds.

Athletic Cardio is conducted by Coach Leslie. It’s not just your usual cardio workout. It will unleash the athlete that you didn’t think was in you.

My Thoughts on the Athletic Cardio Workout

I was there this evening when Fitpark Wellness Gym offered a free trial for the class, and it was jam-packed. There were about 15 people. This goes to show that people from Lipa City are slowly gearing towards a healthy lifestyle and that they recognize the promise and potential of the Athletic Cardio workout.

It started off innocently enough. It was your usual jogging in place with some jogging forward and backward. Well, that was just the warmup. The energetic Coach Leslie suddenly turned on a switch and soon enough, participants were huffing and puffing.

I like how it’s an intense workout with very little rest in between exercises. It really keeps your heart rate up which will surely burn the calories. Coach Leslie did an amazing job of encouraging the participants to give it their all. The participants were drenched in sweat.

It’s not just a cardio workout. It’s also a bodyweight workout. The workout utilizes your body weight so you can also build lean muscles. This way, you’re not just burning calories and fat. You’re also building lean muscles as you do push-ups, squats and planks.

Try it Out!

After the free trial, a lot of the participants seriously inquired and some already made an early commitment to join the classes. As you can see from their happy faces, they were very satisfied with the workout. Their drenched shirts will also tell you that it’s a very effective workout.

For inquiries, contact 0922-810-2105 or visit Fitpark Wellness Gym at the RDC Plaza, Ayala Highway, Lipa City.

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