Lipeños are known to be very happy people. A conversation won’t be complete without someone cracking a joke or two. This is the reason why you should have a Lipeño friend. You won’t have a dull moment as they share the funniest and best Filipino jokes.

Lipeños have a unique way of sharing Pinoy jokes. It’s hard to point a finger at it, but it’s probably how we have a penchant for Pinoy short jokes. Our delivery is also different. Imagine funny Tagalog jokes shared with the adorable Batangeño accent and that’s a recipe for a fun time. The fact that Lipeños are not one to shy from boisterous laughter surely makes the best Tagalog jokes funnier.

This also applies to Lipeñas. You’ll be surprised at how much of a joker these ladies are. They’re not limited to knock knock jokes Tagalog. As this video shows, they also love sharing Pinoy jokes question and answer.

In this video, we challenged two Lipeña beauties to come up with the corniest jokes they can come up with. This video is proof that even corny Filipino jokes can be very funny if delivered by a Lipeña.

Watch and share! Also, comment a corny joke that you know of!

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