Cleanliness is next to Godliness. You know this already. We all know the importance of having clean surroundings. This is why we spend a lot of time, effort, and money to make sure that our home and office are clean.

Cleanliness is a priority at the Hello Lipa HQ. This is why it’s cleaned twice daily – one in the morning before the team arrives and one in the afternoon just as everyone is leaving.

Is that enough? No, not really.

We don’t have professional equipment. We don’t have trained cleaning personnel.

What we (and now you) have is access to a company that offers cleaning services – Cleen and Green Cleaning Services.

About Cleen and Green Cleaning Services

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This is a company born out of the owners’ recognition that there is a need for a company that specializes in cleaning services in Lipa and nearby cities and provinces. The owners initially looked for such a company for their own needs, and when they found none, they decided to start Cleen and Green Cleaning Services.

They offer the following services:

  • Deep dry cleaning
  • Deep shampooing
  • Curtains and blinds dry cleaning
  • Deep house cleaning
  • Basic cleaning
  • Post construction intensive cleaning
  • Air conditioner deep cleaning
  • Gardening
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Here’s a question – when was the last time that you deep shampooed your couch? Sure, you’ve probably whacked your couch in an attempt to free it of dust. That’s what we’ve been doing in the office. This picture of the vacuum cleaner after deep shampooing our couch is proof that what we’ve been doing is not enough.

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Why Hire Professionals

They have two things that most of us don’t have:

  • Professional cleaning skillset
  • Professional tools and equipment

They have people who specifically trained to clean. While cleaning is a chore for us, it’s actually a passion for them. While we consider it dirty work, they consider it noble work because they get to help the community.

See the difference?

They also have professional tools and equipment. While we have brooms and wash clothes, they have professional mops and commercial-grade wet and dry vacuums. They even have steam cleaning machines.

Basically, these professional tools and equipment, coupled by their passionate team, are what you’re paying for.

Have Your Home and/or Office Professionally-cleaned Regularly

We still have to do our part to regularly-clean our home and/or office. But as mentioned, doing so is not enough. We have to hire the professionals to make sure that our home/office is not only clean, but Cleen and Green.

Contact them Today!

Get in touch with Cleen and Green Cleaning Services to see how they can help you. In these challenging times wherein cleanliness is very important, it’s time for you to get professional help for your home and/or office.

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