Lipa City – The new set of officers of the Lipa City Tourism Council (LCTC) just recently had their oath taking last March 22, Wednesday at the office of Lipa City Mayor Meynard A. Sabili.  Newly elected president, Minnie Atienza, who is also a business woman and general manager of Filipino Entrepreneurs Multi Purpose Cooperative, now aims for a better council which will not only focus on the promotion of Lipa as a tourist destination but in the development of all the factors and sectors that will make Lipa sustainably tourist-friendly.  These factors are summarized in 5As: Amiability, Attractions, Accessibility, Accommodations and  Activities. 

Amiability refers to the friendliness of Lipa’s frontliners.  Attractions are the ecological, heritage, commercial and religious sites that Lipa have.  Accessibility refers to roads, cleanliness, security and traffic flow.  Accommodations refer to the different types of accommodations in the city, while Activities are the events and festivals of the City.  “While we already have all these things (5As) in our city, it’s essential that we aim for the continuity of coordination and development of those sectors”, Atienza said. 

After the oath taking, the new set of LCTC officers also paid a visit to MAS Foundation Founder and Chairperson Bernadette P Sabili.  Known for her passion for tourism, Sabili told the LCTC officers that there are plenty of things that the council can do to develop the tourism of Lipa.  Among those mentioned is to get the cooperation of the different sectors of the society to achieve one goal in making Lipa the most tourist-friendly city in the province if not in the country.

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