A party should be fun. Guests should start having fun as soon as they arrive and they should have that feeling even days after the party. A lot of things will contribute to this, and Party and Fun will take care of them.

About Party and Fun

Party and Fun is in the business of bringing fun to your party. When they first started, they were only offering photo booths. With the perseverance of its owners, Edward and Grace Ramos, they were able to grow this business into a one-stop-party-shop. Of course, it sure helped that they do good work at affordable prices.

This is why it’s not really a surprise as to why they’re very popular. They’ve worked on countless of parties. They’ve even worked with celebrities!

Providing the Fun for Our Daughter’s 7th Birthday Party

Our only daughter celebrated her 7th birthday party last September 16, 2018 at the Angelo’s Pavilion of Blue Sapphire Hotel. It’s the “Big 7”, so of course we wanted to give her a party that she’ll cherish the rest of her life.

Here are the services that they provided to us:

  • Photo booth

Of course, they still offer the service that started it all – their photo booth. It was a hit, as expected.

This is a service that you should absolutely get. This way, your guests will have something to do while waiting for the program to start.

  • Food carts

Our guests really lined up for their food carts. We got mixed balls, ice cream, hotdog and popcorn food carts. Our guests never got hungry all throughout the celebration thanks to the food carts.

Food carts are important so that they’ll have something to munch on while waiting for the program to start. They won’t be hungry while waiting for the meal to start.

  • Bubble machine

Our guests were greeted with bubbles from the bubble machine right in the front door.

  • Bubble show

As you can see from the picture, the kids loved the bubble show. This picture speaks for itself.

  • Magic show

“Dragon eyes” was a hit! He performed cool tricks and connected with the audience. He really made everyone laugh especially with his ventriloquist act. It was like getting a magician and stand-up comedian in one.

If you can choose only one entertainment, choose a magician. Dragon eyes is highly recommended.

  • Loot bags

The kids went home happy with loot bags!

  • Stage backdrop

Our daughter was speechless when she saw the stage backdrop. Party and Fun turned the stage into a castle complete with Disney princesses. Some of the guests assumed that we got it made in Manila. Well, we have a talented supplier right here in Lipa City!

I asked some of my friends about how much they think the backdrop costs. Their estimates are almost twice the amount of the price that Party and Fun quoted us. You’ll be surprised at how affordable their backdrops are.

  • Balloons

It’s not a kids’ party without balloons and Party and Fun provided the balloon arch, cake arch, gift table arch, pillars, table centerpieces and balloons across the ceiling. They made the venue more festive.

  • Face/body paint

Kids loved the face/body paint! Even my daughter couldn’t resist having one made.

Click here for the high-res pictures.

Hire Party and Fun for Your Kid’s Birthday Party!

They couldn’t have picked a better name for their business. They put the fun in the party, at a price that you can afford.

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