People pay premium prices for wedding photography and they expect to pay way less on a children’s party. While I somehow get this, wouldn’t you want your photographers to exert the same effort, use the same gear, and exceed your expectations even if it’s just a children’s birthday party?

Sure, you can hire a freelancer to just take some pictures, save them in a flash drive, and hand it to you. That’s fine. But wouldn’t you want to have that same feeling when you first saw your wedding pictures when you see the pictures taken of your child’s birthday party?

You know, the raw emotions?

Emotions like this one?

The Importance of Hiring the Right Photographer for a Kid’s Birthday Party

For a children’s party, you’d want to capture the emotions of the celebrant, the family and the guests so you can relive them for the years to come. With that being said, Vincent Duke Photography captured the said emotions perfectly. We didn’t know how happy we really were during the party until we saw the pictures.

About Vincent Duke Photography

Vincent Duke Photography is run by Vincent Duke and his partner, Dhomz De Guzman. Both are talented photographers on the up and up. They’ve gone a long way from the time when they started. Now, they’re the photographers of the stars.

With that being said, we should thank our lucky stars that they still love to take pictures of celebrations of mere mortals like us. It’s something that they enjoy doing. They take pride in capturing the emotions of every happening in an event.

While they’re very popular for weddings because of their passion in the craft, you can expect them to work on smaller celebrations the same way they work on bigger ones. They don’t treat it as a smaller celebration. They work so they can exceed your expectations.

They were all over the place during the party, without really getting in the way. You wouldn’t really know that they’re there as they work in the background. But when you see the pictures, you’ll be like, “How did they get this picture?”

Here’s the link to our online gallery. Check it out to see the high-res pictures. Yes, you will get your own online gallery!

To know more about Vincent Duke, check out our initial feature.

Hire Vincent Duke Photography for Celebrations, Big and Small

We’re very happy that we got Vincent Duke Photography for our precious princess’ birthday party. Thanks to them, we can relive the memories for the years to come.

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