One thing comes to mind when we talk about Laiya Batangas – beaches. After all, it features some of the best Batangas beach resorts. So when we put together a Laiya itinerary, it’s usually check in at a beach resort, swim, eat, sleep and go home.

This is a good itinerary but there are a couple of issues for us:

  1. It’s something that we’ve done countless of times already.
  2. Laiya beach resorts are getting expensive.

Our two interns were just wrapping up their internship so we want to give them an experience that they’ll never forget but we don’t want to spend a lot of money to do so. This is why we’ve put together this Laiya itinerary.

NOTE: Make sure to read up to the end for the video of this itinerary!

Laiya Adventure Park

My wife and I are no strangers to the Laiya Adventure Park. We’ve been there before and we know what it offers. We want our interns and staff to check off some items on their bucket list so we took them to the Laiya Adventure Park.

Here are the activities and rates:

It may seem expensive if you’re going to pay for the rides one by one. This is why we recommend that you just go for Package A to save a lot of money but not on memories. Ever experienced smiling while really tired? That’s what you’ll experience here.

Oh and we had a lot of fun even if it’s our 3rd time already.

The Laiya Adventure Park is just an hour and a half from Lipa City so it’s good for those biglaan trips.

Check out our review of the park last year!

Laiya Vivo Hotel

A whole day of adventure at the park calls for a good night’s rest, and Laiya Vivo Hotel offers that. It’s one of the more affordable hotels in Laiya (can be as low as PHP 600+ per person) and serves its purpose quite well.

laiya vivo hotel
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The hotel is clean, well-maintained and modern. We slept for a solid 10 hours. Here are some pictures of the hotel.

It’s located near the park and is walking distance from the Kabayan Beach Resort if you want to access the beach. Yes, you can access the beach if you’re checked in at the Laiya Vivo Hotel. More importantly, you can access the restaurant of the Kabayan Resort!

Kabayan Beach Resort

This resort is one of our favorite Batangas beach resorts. It’s one of the more affordable options and has a clean and well-maintained beach.

For this itinerary, Kabayan Beach Resort once again showcased once they’re also known for their food. They have delicious food which explains why guests from other resorts go there to eat. Also, the Kabayan Resort delivers to the Laiya Adventure Park so you can enjoy their dishes for lunch!

Of course, we didn’t pass up on the chance to walk at the beach while enjoying the sunset. You don’t have to pay for entrance to go to the beach if you’re checked in at the Laiya Vivo Hotel.

Check out the feature we did on Kabayan Beach Resort a couple of years ago!

Try this Itinerary Today!

We wanted a Laiya itinerary that’s different – one that offers adventure, rest, relaxation, views and great food. This itinerary achieved these goals and more! Try it today!

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