Newly docked at the Metro Events Zone is Al Fresco Galley. It’s hard to miss it as it’s literally shaped like a ship, with its very obvious bow in naval blue and white inviting you to try what they have to offer. What exactly do they have to offer? The Hello Lipa team found out when they formally opened yesterday, May 8, 2016.

About Al Fresco Galley

Al Fresco Galley is owned by a group of friends, Althea Marie Libat, Anthony Laurence Dy, Ann Lauren Gaspar and Abet Torres. Their location at Metro Events Zone is actually a new location as the then named Al Fresco was located near The Mabini Academy. As early as now, it looks like they made a gem of a decision to move to the busy Metro Events Zone, as the place was packed during the opening.

About their Offerings

One look at the place and you’ll know what they’re offering – seafood dishes. They boast of serving fresh seafood especially since they have a good supplier of fresh seafood like shrimp, squid, and different types of fish. Their fresh seafood is prepared and served in different lip-smacking ways.

Here are their offerings:

Last night, the team tried 3 dishes. We tried the nachos as an appetizer. While it’s not a seafood dish, you can’t go wrong with nachos as an appetizer, especially something as loaded as Al Fresco Galley’s nachos.

The nachos are pretty good. The chips were thin and crispy and were covered in ground beef, carrots, cucumber and cheese. But of course, we’re there for the seafood dishes.

My wife ordered the Gamba Ala Margarina (buttered shrimp). The dish came with good-sized shrimp. It was well-cooked and wasn’t rubbery at all. The shrimp pieces were perfectly coated in the buttery goodness of the sauce that you had no choice but to dive right in with your fingers so you can lick the sauce off of your fingers afterwards. Go ahead and do just that when you try it. No one’s going to judge you with most people dining in doing that anyway. At PHP 158, it’s competitively-priced considering that it came with rice and drink.

I got the Anilla De Calamar (fried squid ring) because I wanted to see if they know how to cook calamari. It takes a special skill to cook it because cook it too long and it will end up rubbery with a hard rather than crunchy breading.

I immediately knew that it was perfectly cooked when the dish was placed in front of me as it had the perfect golden brown color, and one bite confirmed the obvious. It was perfectly cooked. It’s affordable at PHP 88, but you have to pay extra if you want drinks to go with it.

I also have to point out that when I tried Al Fresco Galley at their old location, I loved the Pescare Rellano (stuffed tilapia). I love fried tilapia and it was the first time I tried stuffed tilapia this way. It’s not your usual tomatoes and onion stuffing. You have to try it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available during the opening. I know I’ll get it the next time I’ll visit.

They also have platters for sharing. I saw tables with big servings of sinigang na hipon and seafood kare kare. They’re good for sharing if you’re in a group.

Try Al Fresco Galley!

Al Fresco
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The owners (L – R): Abet Torres, Anthony Laurence Dy, Ann Lauren Gaspar and Althea Marie Libat

We recommend that you try Al Fresco Galley at the Metro Events Zone ASAP. You’ll probably bump into us as we’re planning to go back soon.

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