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I have a confession to make. I was supposed to write this blog post last night after getting a massage at the Olie Wellness and Nail Spa. Well, that didn’t happen, as I was down and out for the count after getting one of the most relaxing massages I’ve gotten my whole life.

Well, I woke up refreshed with the sensation of that massage still lingering all over my body. I’m now in the mood to write.

That’s basically the short version of this feature of one of the newest spas in Lipa City. Read on if you want the longer and more complete version.

Located in RDC Plaza along the very busy Ayala Highway, it’s easy to drive past this spa without noticing it as you go on with your busy day doing your day to day tasks. Lipeños are very busy these days and naturally, are very stressed as well.

This is why it’s a good idea to sometimes slow down and relax. I just found out that one of the best ways to do that is to schedule an appointment at Olie Wellness and Nail Spa.

About Olie Wellness and Nail Spa

I’m a regular spa-goer. I’ve been to many Lipa City spas plus the spas in other cities. Without a doubt, Olie has one of the best interiors I’ve seen in a spa.

Sure, it helps that it’s spanking new, but I feel that it’s cleverly-designed. It’s chic enough for the main target market (women) but comfortable enough for us men as well. You’ll be welcomed by the helpful receptionist as soon as you enter and you can ask about their different products and services here:

They also have a very comfortable lounging/waiting area. It looks like it came straight out of a magazine:

As you can see, they also have those chic tables where you can read a magazine or fiddle with your phone or tablet while waiting.

Just as the name implies, Olie Wellness and Nail Spa is a nail spa. If that fact escaped you, this part of the spa will tell you that it is indeed a nail spa:

Look at those comfortable chairs. They’re fit for a queen (or a king). Speaking of kings and queens, I think couples would love this sofa where they can hold hands while getting their pedicure done:

The Tiffany blue motif makes you feel that you’re in the movie, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, noh?

Getting a Massage

I’ve been feeling a bit stressed these past few days and I had some muscle knots that I want massaged so I made an appointment for a massage. We arrived for our appointment and asked about their “Premium Spa Package” that I’ve been hearing about.

Basically, you get to use their shower, sauna for 15 minutes, and get a 60 minute massage using premium Argan Oil. You also get to choose between Swedish, Shiatsu and their Signature Massage.

Here are their other packages:

But before we started, they asked me to fill up this form:

You can say that they’re very professional when it comes to their services. This questionnaire is very comprehensive. It tackles just about everything to ensure that you’ll have the best and safest experience. It even asks you where you need/want to be massaged.

My therapist led me to the shower and sauna area which is basically inside a huge locker room. I’m not kidding. It’s literally a locker room, complete with lockers and all. Olie gets plus points for security.

I skipped the shower because I came straight from home and had a shower before leaving. Besides, I couldn’t wait to try the sauna.

It’s a sauna unit from Sawo which is one of the most-trusted names in the sauna world. It shows in this sauna unit. It can comfortably sit 2 to 3 people but I was just more than happy to enjoy it by myself.

I was dripping with sweat after the 15 minutes were up. I must have lost 3 pounds of water weight. It was an invigorating sauna session, and I was more than ready to get my massage.

By the way, here’s the massage room for the men:

They also have a similar room for the women.

One thing that stood out is the professionalism of the therapists. They’ve been trained well, not just on the massage part, but on the customer service part as well. They explain things well and speak in a way that makes you feel comfortable. Here are the therapists on duty when we visited:

Another thing that stood out is my therapist massaged me in a way that it followed what I’ve written on the questionnaire. I put there that I prefer a relaxing massage with moderate pressure and for them to put special attention on my lower back and legs. That’s exactly what they did. It shows that they’re not just following a cookie-cutter approach for their massages. They’re going to massage you in a way that you want and need it.

Other Services and Products

As mentioned, they have nail spa services. We’re going to try them next time. Here are their hand and foot care services:

They also have beauty and wellness products for sale, including handmade soaps:

It was an Amazing Experience that We can’t Wait to Try Again

We enjoyed our experience from the moment that we stepped in up to the moment that we stepped out. We hated the moment we stepped out because the experience was all over, but smiled again when we realized how relaxed we are and that we’re going to go back.

Schedule an appointment today! Like their page because they regularly post promos and discounts.

Contact Details

Olie Wellness and Nail Spa

Facebook Page

Address: RDC Plaza, Ayala Highway, Lipa City (building where Abenson and Fitpark Wellness Gym are located)

Phone number: 0922 810 2118

Operating hours: 1PM to 10PM

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