NOTE: This establishment is now closed. To save on site resources, we have deleted the images on this post. For details on other amazing food establishments, you can click here.

Lipeños used to have two options when we want to enjoy fall off the bone and finger licking good ribs. The first option is we slave away and wait for one to two days to prepare, marinade and cook the ribs, only to be disappointed with tough as rubber and/or flavorless ribs.

The second option is we drive or commute to Manila and spend close to a thousand pesos for a rack of ribs. Yeah, that doesn’t sound like a good option.

Thanks to Twins Smoked Ribs, we now have a third and better option. We can just head over to their place at the Metro Events Zone Food Park along Ayala Highway in Lipa City.

That’s what we did last night and boy, we went home rubbing our tummies that probably expanded an inch or two.

About Twins Smoked Ribs

Twins Smoked Ribs is owned by the husband and wife team of Rustan and Alaine Rezaba. They’re former OFWs from Singapore who went home because of the birth of their twins, which explains the name.

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Hello Lipa founders with owners of Twins Smoked Ribs, Rustan and Alaine Rezaba (middle).

They are very hands-on. Rustan manages the kitchen while Alaine manages the restaurant itself. This means that whatever you get to experience with their food is stamped with their approval, and that’s saying a lot considering how adamant they are when it comes to ensuring that their customers enjoy a good experience.

Their menu is simple. They only have a few offerings which is okay because most people go for their ribs anyway. Make no mistake about it. The ribs are the star of the show.

About their Ribs

Their ribs are marinated for at least a day. This is why every fiber of the ribs is flavorful. I’ve tasted quite a lot of ribs before, most of which are priced twice as much as the ribs of Twins Smoked Ribs, and Twins’ version is comparable to them.

Pictured above is the Ashton’s Ribs Platter (Php 455). What you see is a whole slab of baby back ribs, sausage and chicken fillet. It’s good enough for 2 to 3 people, although I’m pretty sure it can be stretched to satisfy 4 to 5 people if you order rice and/or sides.

You want to know how tender it is?

Their barbecue sauce is the perfect mixture of sour and sweet. Their ribs are served with more barbecue sauce but you don’t really need it. The ribs even without the extra sauce are lip-smacking delicious.

You can also get a solo serving of ribs, rice and a side dish for only Php 165. You can also order a whole rack on its own for Php 295.

Their Other Offerings

While most of their customers go here for the ribs, the owners also think of their other customers who are looking for more budget-friendly but equally satisfying meals. This is why they also have other offerings.

We started with the Frieszilla Php 135.

This is a good appetizer for the ribs since fries and other potato-based sides are good with ribs. The crunchy fries are complemented well with the cheese sauce and bacon bits, with a hint of spice that’s just enough to whet your appetite for what’s about to come.

We also tried a couple of their rice dishes. All of their rice meals are served with iced tea. There’s the Beef Patty (Php 99).

The patty itself tastes great with the sauce providing a bit of sweetness to the dish.

We also tried the Pork Belly (Php 99).

For a restaurant that serves amazing ribs, cooking pork belly should be child’s play. Needless to say, this is a good meal. It’s charred perfectly and used good pork belly pieces. Hindi puro taba.

As a bonus, we got the chance to try their wings which they’ll be offering in their Batangas branch soon. Yes, they’re expanding!

If this is a sign of things to come, then Batangeños will love Twins Batangas.

A hearty meal like this should be finished with dessert, and their sweet offerings didn’t disappoint.

We tried the Mud Pie (Php 100).

This is good on so many chocolately levels.

There’s also their best-seller, the Mango Tango (Php 85 per slice).

Mango ice cream fans will love this.

Visit Twins Smoked Ribs Today!

Even on a Thursday night, Twins Smoked Ribs got a lot of customers – most of which are groups of families and friends. It’s a good place to try with your family and friends especially if you want to try something special without breaking the bank. It’s splurging on good food, without spending a lot of money. I don’t know about you, but isn’t that what a good dining experience is all about?

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Address: Metro Events Zone, Ayala Highway, Lipa City. It’s on the left side at the front part of MEZ.

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Phone Number: 0915 480 7154

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 4 PM to 9 PM

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