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Who knew that the Hello Lipa team will find a gem of a nacho place in Riverside Subdivision right here in Lipa City? That’s exactly what we found yesterday evening when we visited Loidz Craziest Nachos and boy, are we pleasantly surprised that we did.

It was the owner herself who got in touch with Hello Lipa last March 17, inviting us to try her restaurant. After a few delays because of the Holy Week, we finally got the chance to try it out last night. The alluring owner, Loidz Magbuhos, surely helped build up the anticipation as she regularly sent pictures of her food along with the promise that we’ll love her place and offerings.

Confidence. I like it.

Humble Beginnings

Loidz Craziest Nachos started just last February 14, 2016. I saw pictures of the opening and it seemed that the supposed day of love became a day of craziness as people, mostly friends, flocked to the place to celebrate Valentine’s Day over plates of nachos.

According to Loidz, she’s been cooking for her family and friends for years now. With encouragement from them for her to start her own restaurant, she finally gave in and started offering her specialties to the public.

Good Vibes All Around

The restaurant is actually located in a garage. Loidz did an amazing job beautifying the place. It was good vibes all around, with just a little bit of craziness. You wouldn’t actually feel that you’re in a garage with how the place is designed.

Here are some pictures of the place:

I was very happy that I invited a couple of our friends to try the place out with us. It truly is a place where you can hang out with your friends and just have fun.

Crazy about Nachos

Just as the name Loidz Craziest Nachos implies, the specialty of the house is the nachos. One may assume that it’s a nacho dish with some crazy ingredients, but it’s actually very tame. This is why I was wondering why the name.

Well, I found out that the nacho dish itself is not crazy. It’ll make you crazy…and in a good way. It’s crazy good it’s insane.

I like how it’s served. Each nacho has all the goodies – the ground beef, bell pepper and cheese. This means that you get all the goodness with every bite. You won’t have to worry about your PG friend grabbing all the nachos with all the beef and cheese on them, leaving you with pieces of nachos without any toppings.

Nagkahiyaan pa?

You know when there’s only one piece left and no one wants to take it dahil nagkakahiyaan pa? Yeah, that didn’t happen. No nacho piece survived.

It’s Not Just about the Nachos

While the nachos are crazy good, the other menu offerings are great as well. We tried their carbonara with crispy chix dish (Php 130 with free drinks). The carbonara serving (Php 80 with free drinks without the crispy chix) was very generous and would make you slurp the noodles because it’s that good. The crispy chix (Php 65 with rice and free drinks) was appetizing to look at and didn’t disappoint in the taste and crunch department. It’s juicy, crunchy in the right places, and tasty. You can tell that Loidz perfected her own way of cooking it.

We were also served a new menu offering – the Bicol express (Php 80 with rice and free drinks). Loidz promised that it’s going to be good. She kept her promise. I can imagine that it’s going to be a very popular offering in her menu.

For the refreshment, we had the cucumber juice. It was very refreshing and provided the perfect refreshment for our meals.

For dessert, we had the blueberry cheesecake (Php 50) just because it’s made by the Blueberry Cheesecake Queen herself, Loidz. It’s not too sweet. It’s perfect. Speaking of perfect, the consistency is perfect as well. It’s almost like a panna cotta. No wonder it’s served in some of the most popular restaurants in Lipa, Rosario and even Tagaytay.

We also tried a potential addition to her dessert menu. She’s in the process of perfecting it so she’s not yet serving it to the public. That speaks a lot about Loidz. She wants everything to be perfect.

Good Food, Even Better Conversation

We followed up our meal with a lengthy chat with Loidz. She’s quite the character and it’s no wonder why her friends fully support her business venture. The good vibes of the place also encourage conversations among friends. You’ll visit for the food, have a filling time, and stay a while just to hang out and make plans to come back.

Try it out soon. It’s a new place to try with your family or friends. Heck, go alone and enjoy the whole plate of nachos to yourself. I’ll surely do that one of these days. I want them nachos all to myself. Don’t tell my wife.

Contact Details

Facebook Page

Address: 68 San Juan St. Riverside Subdivision, Lipa City

Directions: Go straight upon entering Riverside Subdivision. Turn right on the 4th corner. Loidz Craziest Nachos will be on the left. You won’t miss it.

Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday, 3PM to 9PM

Contact Number: 09399239202


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