I find the slogan of He Brews Café a bit interesting. He Brews Café: Where Your Cup Never Runs Dry. It’s very millennial and for someone who barely missed the millennial age range, I had a hard time making sense out of it. Maybe if I tried their meals and drinks?

That’s what I did. Now, I have my own understanding of this slogan.

About He Brews Café

This is a new café in Lipa City, having been open for only about a month. However, its good following on its fan page will tell you that it’s not new as a brand. In fact, they have established branches in Bauan and Batangas City (P. Burgos and Lawas).

Just as the name implies, it’s a café that serves coffee-based drinks along with light meals and other beverages.

It may sound like your usual café, but one step inside will prove otherwise.

I love the industrial feel of this café. It’s definitely IG-worthy. There are some nice spots for pictures along with props that you can use. Heck, even I couldn’t resist an IG moment.

I also love how it attracts a lot of natural and refreshing light.

Overall, it’s a good place where you can hang out with good friends. It’s also a good date place. You can even hang out alone for some me time.

It’s located right in the heart of the city but once inside, you’ll feel as if you’re away from its hustle and bustle.

Light but Filling Meals at He Brews

I was pleasantly surprised at its lineup of food. Sure, it’s the usual sandwiches, rice and pasta dishes you’d normally see in a café, but they’re very affordable, filling and delicious at the same time.

Let’s start with my favorite, the Spanish Sardines Pasta (PHP 95).

Spanish Sardines Pasta is a simple dish that is either perfect or bad. Season it well (like what they did) and you have a perfect dish for a merienda or light meal. Season it bad, and well, it’s bad.

They also have Carbonara (PHP 95).

Their version is creamy which is good. I love that it’s loaded with bacon.

They also have the Sausage Penne (PHP 95).

This is for the red sauce lovers out there. Huge bonus that it has sausage in it. This makes this light dish, filling!

If you want to take bites out of a sandwich while reading a good book, the He Brews Sandwich (PHP 109) is for you.

This is their take on the HBLT sandwich. It’s a sandwich loaded with ham, bacon, lettuce and tomatoes. I love how they use fresh lettuce and plump tomatoes.

They do have the Pizzadilla (PHP 89) for something lighter.

It’s a good appetizer!

Speaking of appetizers, they also have Nachos (PHP 135).

Make sure to order one for your group.

They also have Potato Wedges (PHP 99).

It’s crunchy on the outside and mushy on the inside!

We also got to try their chicken wings. There’s the Garlic Parmesan (PHP 115).

Tell me if ever you’re in doubt that these are garlic parmesan wings.

They also have Korean Chicken Wings (PHP 99).

Good thing this is served with rice because the Korean glaze is so good!

Speaking of rice, the German Sausage (PHP 99) is a must if you’re looking for something heavy.

It’s one of the juiciest sausages you’ll try!

Drinks at He Brews Café


Of course being a café, He Brews Café has a short but impressive list of drinks. We tried their Café Latte (PHP 79).

They use an Arabica Robusta blend.

The beans are freshly ground and it makes a load of difference. Their brand new espresso machine did the beans justice.

They also served Hot Chocolate (PHP 79).

It’s the perfect drink to sip on a rainy day while reading a book by their window.

We also tried cold drinks. There’s the Lemon Cucumber (PHP 79).

I didn’t even wait for our meals to arrive, as I downed the whole glass immediately. It’s very refreshing. I love how it’s freshly-made, with the lemon squeezed right in the blender.

There’s the Iced Caramel Macchiato (PHP 89).

The touch of caramel really helped this beverage stand out. It brought out the natural sweetness of the Arabica and tamed the bitterness of the Robusta that has more caffeine in it.

The Cookies and Cream (PHP 99) is pretty nice.

It’s always a pleasant surprise to munch on small bits of cookies while enjoying a refreshing drink.

Speaking of small bits of goodness, you should also try the Chocolate Chip (PHP 99)

This is something for the chocolate lovers out there, which I’m assuming is at least 90% of the population.

My favorite is the Mango Graham (PHP 99).

It’s a dessert in a drink!

Here’s their menu!

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Check Out He Brews Café Today!

I have a very good feeling that you’ll fall in love with the whole experience once you’ve tried He Brews Café. Good and affordable drinks right in the heart of the city, but with its ambience taking you away from the city’s hustle and bustle? What’s not to love?

Now I have my own interpretation of its slogan. Your cup will never run dry, because you refill it with your friends’ laughter (if visiting as a group) or your very own emotions (if you’re here alone with your thoughts) with every sip.

Contact Details

Address: Kap. Simeon Luz St. Lipa City (Just turn right at the first intersection after the monumento if coming from Redemptorist Church.)

Fan Page

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday from 11 AM to 9 PM

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