When buying Christmas hams, cold cuts and other meat products, a lot of Lipeños and Batangueños reach for national brands. There’s really nothing wrong with that if those brands are your personal preference. However, you’re doing yourself and our city’s economy a great disservice if you’re not going to consider local brands, and we have a local brand that we can be really proud of.

Look no further than Carmen’s Meat Products of Maycar Foods, Inc. Start with their Christmas hams since it’s Christmas season and soon, you’ll also fall in love with their other meat products.

About Maycar Foods, Inc.

It’s an FDA-approved meat processing company located right here in Lipa City. It’s not just a meat processing company. It’s actually one of the best in the region, having been accredited as Meat Establishment Category “AA” in the year 2006. It also has awards to showcase its competence. It holds the distinction of being the “Best Meat Establishment” in Region IV-A for the years 2007 and 2008. Those years also proved that they’re among the best in the country, being a National Finalist in the NMIS sponsored “Search for the Best Meat Establishment”.

While it’s now known as a premier producer of meat products, the owners of Maycar Foods, Inc – Mayolo and Carmen Tolentino – actually started as fish vendors at the Lipa City public market in the 80s. A series of unfortunate events – including the sinking of a passenger ship that led to a massive decline in the demand for seafood – led to the couple to decide to make the switch to reselling dressed chicken and hotdogs. They buy these products from their co-vendors and they sell them retail.

In true serendipity fashion, the demand for these meat products started increasing. This made them realize that they’re better off in the processed meat industry. This is when they started a backyard operation producing their own processed meat products including pork hamonado. They became known for producing high quality products and this led to an increase in demand so they partnered with wholesalers and even invested in high-tech machineries like a bowl chopper, vacuum sealing machine, Handtmann stuffing machine, and more.

The Production Plant of Maycar Foods, Inc.

I had the chance to check out their production plant and was really impressed. It’s operating as a well-oiled machine from processing the meats to packing them. They use high-tech machineries that allow them to keep up with the demands consistently.

The plant looked and smelled clean. You can tell that they have strict protocols when it comes to cleanliness and sanitation. Everyone was wearing a white lab gown/apron, boots, face mask and hair net. There’s no trash anywhere which should be commended seeing how busy the workers are.

Carmen’s Meat Products

They’re also heavily-invested in research and development of new products. This allows them to continue to put out new products. With their investment in quality control, these high quality products continue to be well-received by the market.

Here’s their current product line.

As you can see, they carry the processed meat favorites. These are the usual products that you’d buy for your family’s breakfast, baon, merienda and even meals. Why not buy them from a local company that’s known to be one of the best in the country?

With their heavy investment in research and development and quality control, their available products now are proven best-sellers. They continue to listen to market demands so they can continue to fulfill those demands.

These products are very affordable. In fact, a lot of restaurants order from them. This says a lot about the products’ quality and affordability because these restaurants obviously want to serve good food and they don’t want to spend a lot of money to buy these products considering that they have to mark the prices up. If you’re considering going into the food business, you have to give them a call.

I love how their products taste as if they’re still homemade by hand. The problem with bigger plants is the quality sometimes suffers as a sacrifice to a higher yield. Maycar Foods, Inc. has grown a lot, but they haven’t forgotten where they came from. They haven’t forgotten what they’re known for and that is for producing high quality processed meats that you’d be proud to serve to your family or clients.

The Christmas Hams

It’s Christmas season once again and the cold breeze that you’re feeling and the Christmas carols playing are reminders of that. This also means that it’s the season of buying, giving and enjoying Christmas hams!

Here’s a shocking surprise – a lot of hams in the market now are only steamed. On the other hand, the Christmas hams of Maycar Foods, Inc. are also smoked. I saw their smoke room and they have these big smokers that infuse that smoke flavor. Once you tried them, you’ll really taste the difference.

  • Season’s Ham

This is a choice cut from a pork whole muscle ham. It’s cured, smoked, cooked and glazed with sugar. This makes it the perfect ham for your Noche Buena feast. Its sweet and salty taste that’s enhanced by a smoked flavor will make you crave for it even if it’s not Christmas.

  • Classic Ham

While not as good as Season’s Ham, its perfect blend of sweet, salty and smoked flavors will let you know why it’s a classic.

  • Restructured Hams

American Ham
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Pear Shaped Ham
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Their restructured hams come in 3 varieties – American (square-shaped), Pear (pear-shaped) and Hamon de Bola (round-shaped). These restructured hams are for those looking for more affordable options. Don’t let their affordable prices fool you. They’re very tender, juicy and meaty. They also have that smoked flavor that the Season’s Ham and Classic Ham are known for.

Believe me. I tried these hams straight out of the package and they’re really good even without frying them. Of course, frying them will add another layer of flavor and additional texture.

What I love about their hams is there’s one for every budget. Obviously, go for the Season’s Ham if you have the budget for it, but their more affordable restructured hams will allow you to still feel that Christmas spirit as you share them with your family. After all, isn’t that what Christmas is all about – to spend time with your family?

Christmas is also time for giving, and you can’t go wrong with Christmas hams. Give them to your family and friends and your gift will surely be appreciated. If you buy in bulk, you can also customize the packaging. This makes it the perfect giveaway for corporations and individuals looking to make people feel special.

Be a Reseller Today!

In addition to contributing to the local economy, Maycar Foods, Inc. also contributes to local employment. They employ local resellers so Carmen’s Meat Products will reach people looking for delicious and affordable processed meats.

Contact them today to be a reseller. Remember, the owners started as resellers. Who knows? You could be the next success story!

Buy Carmen’s Meat Products Today!

Now’s the perfect time to buy Christmas hams as gifts and for daily consumption up to Christmas Eve and even beyond. While you’re at it, try the other processed meat products of Maycar Foods, Inc. and know why it’s a brand that we can be proud of.

Check them out at the Lipa City Public Market! Their products are also available at South Supermarket and all Citimart Supermarket branches. Also, contact them via their fan page to ask for a reseller near you.

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