Thai cuisine is not one to shy away from the use of herbs and spices. This is why it’s easy to spot pretenders. Do it wrong and you’ll have dishes that will confuse the taste buds. Do it right and you’ll excite your taste buds and make them crave for more.

I guess this is why most budding restaurateurs don’t even risk it. They know that it’s going to be a huge challenge for them to succeed if they don’t have the skills and expertise to run and manage a Thai restaurant. But if you have years of experience in a foreign land cooking Thai dishes and operating the same resto, you can afford to risk it. Such is the story of the owners of Go Thai Bistro.

About Go Thai Bistro

Go Thai Bistro is the only specialty Thai resto in Lipa. They just opened last November 2 at The Courtyard at the Big Ben Complex, and we’ve been hearing positive feedback ever since.

Owned by two friends who spent years in Singapore, they decided to take a risk to set up a Thai resto here in Lipa. Go Thai Bistro is the product of their passion for business. One of the owners is experienced in running a Thai resto and is even trained in cooking Thai dishes. She’s also married to the resto’s chef who has 5 years of experience in Thai cuisine.

The place is simple, cozy and welcoming by design. The owners wanted it that way because they want their customers to focus on the food. Basically, they want your senses bare and ready to enjoy the treat for the senses offered by their dishes.

A Culinary Experience worth Trying and Repeating Over and Over Again

Talking to the animated owners, it’s quite obvious that their passion is in serving authentic and delicious Thai dishes. It’s all about the base, they say. This means that every sauce, broth, dressing and paste is made special for that authentic experience.

Go Thai
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Dishes are prepared from scratch using their homemade bases.

In fact, one of their main challenges now is in sourcing the ingredients because they don’t want to compromise quality by substituting Thai ingredients with their local counterparts. It shows in their dishes as you can enjoy every sip and spoonful of their bases even without the carbs and the proteins.

Of course, necessary adjustments have been made to make sure that their dishes fit the Filipino palate. For example, the spice level is lower than the usual, although you can request to make your orders spicier.

With our senses bare and ready, we started with a refreshing glass of Thai Milk Tea.

I don’t remember having tried Thai Milk Tea ever so I can’t really compare it with a previous experience. So let me just describe my experience drinking the Thai Milk Tea of Go Thai Bistro.

I took a sip and then suddenly, there was silence around me as all my senses focused on how my sense of taste was enjoying each and every sip. Time slowed down for a couple of seconds, before I was snapped back to my senses as I heard a gurgling sound letting me know that the glass is empty.

You think I’m exaggerating? Wait until you try it out.

While the chef is busy cooking up a storm, we tried the Mango Sticky Rice. It’s meant to be a dessert, but who are we to complain?

Believe me when I tell you that it took every ounce of my willpower not to finish the whole thing. It’s very filling so I didn’t want to get full before the main dishes are served. But yeah, I took a couple of extra bites than I initially planned, then finished the whole thing after our meal.

Make sure to get a bit of the mango with every serving of the sticky rice. You’ll know why they’re meant to be together.

The Mango Salad will surely whet your appetite.

Think of the sourest green mango you’ve tasted, and imagine complementing that with a sweet and salty dressing that’s made spicy by fresh chili. Nuts provide a nice texture and contrast in taste.

We also tried their Crispy Chicken Wings.

I loved the crunch of the skin. The meat is tender, juicy and tasty.

Of course, we had to try their Red Curry.

It’s spicy and sweet at the same time so it’s something that you should try even if you’re not a fan of spicy dishes. What made this dish special is their homemade Thai red chili paste.

We were also served their Seafood Pineapple Fried Rice.

You know your most favorite rice in the world? Say thanks to it and apologize in advance for moving on. This is going to be your favorite rice from now on. It’s something that you’d eat on its own.

A pleasant surprise was the Basil Chicken.

This seemingly simple dish of ground chicken is surprisingly tasty. The basil provided a clean taste that improves the flavor profile of this dish.

What’s a meal at a Thai restaurant without Tom Yum Soup?

This soup is clean to the palate. While generous in its protein, the star of the dish is the soup itself as it uses a homemade base that’s made of imported ingredients. Considering that it’s understandably adjusted to fit our palate, it still tasted authentic.

Last but not the least, we have the Pad Thai.

A Thai restaurant is defined by its version of the Pad Thai, and this is where Go Thai Bistro shines the most. I was standing at first as I was taking bites in between pictures, but this dish made me sit down for me to fully enjoy the experience. Seeing how it was made from scratch, I appreciated this dish even more.

Here’s their menu! See how affordable their dishes are.

Try Go Thai Bistro!

When was the last time you ate at an authentic Thai restaurant? Go Thai Bistro serves authentic Thai dishes at a fraction of the price that’s charged by most Thai restaurants so that alone is reason enough for a visit.

If you haven’t tried Thai cuisine yet, then it’s about time that you bless your taste buds with a cuisine that’s a gift straight from the culinary gods. Consider Go Thai Bistro as the messenger. Try it ASAP!

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Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday 11 AM to 9 PM

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