In some cases, we’re invited to a restaurant that we’ve never heard of before. Such is the case with Isobel Restaurant and Bar. Located at City Park Subdivision, it’s not along a major highway so you really won’t see it. It’s also relatively new, having been opened last February 4, 2018. So yeah, there are good reasons why we’ve never heard of Isobel Restaurant and Bar before.

Our first experience at this restaurant was when our good friend Vincent Duke of Vincent Duke Photography invited us to have our lunch meeting there. He said that the food is good, and that’s more than enough for me to say yes to this location.

We had a good experience that time trying a couple of dishes and we felt that this good experience can be greater if we get to try their other bestsellers. That’s what we did a couple of weeks later and I feel that it’s my duty as a Lipeño to let the rest of my fellow Lipeños know about this hidden gem.

Consider this as me doing my duty.

About Isobel Restaurant and Bar

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From L to R: Glady and Diane Sarabia of Isobel Restaurant and Bar and Aisha and Jay Recinto of Hello Lipa

Isobel Restaurant and Bar is owned by husband and wife Glady and Diane Sarabia. They named the place after their daughter, Isobel, because of the name’s certain charm. While the restaurant is new, they’re not new to the food industry because they also own and manage Sarabia Events and Catering. The same dishes that they serve at their restaurant are the most popular dishes they serve during their catering events.

Their experience in the catering industry serves them well as restaurateurs. They’re able to serve consistently good food because their dishes are what they’ve been cooking over and over again. Their restaurant also has an elegant ambiance – kind of like the ambiance that you’ll feel attending a special event. In addition, they have a trained and courteous staff.

Isobel Restaurant and Bar can also host parties and events of up to 80 people.

The Food at Isobel

They have a wide variety of dishes thanks to their experience in the catering industry. They specialize in Filipino, Asian and European dishes and we tried a lot of them.

Let me start by recommending their bestseller – the Kare Kare with their own version of alamang.

They’re not shy when it comes to serving huge chunks of meat in their kare kare.

You get huge chunks of meat, fresh and crisp vegetables and a thick peanut sauce that screams, “Please pour me over hot rice!”

You know what’s perfect with their Kare Kare? The equally sinful but good Crispy Pata!

Dibs on the skin!

Speaking of sinful, they also have Sisig.

This will make you ask, “Where’s the beer?” This is perfect with a cold bottle or two.

Another complementary dish is the Tempura.

This was gone in a few seconds. It’s a unique, but good take on the Tempura.

We also tried their Yang Chow rice.

It’s a full meal in itself. It’s one of the best versions we’ve tasted!

Make sure to order their Chopsuey.

This can make you feel better while you’re eating all these meats.

Speaking of meats, their Barbecue Pork Spare Ribs is also worth trying.

You’d be nibbling on these ribs. Sticky and good!

You can also try their Grilled Chicken with Brown Sauce.

It’s creamy and juicy!

In this guisado-loving city, the Pancit Ala Isobel can make a mark.

I’m assuming that this is very popular during their catering events. To long life!

They also have a Seafood Pasta in Marinara Sauce.

This is for something light but filling. This comes with generous toppings of a variety of seafood.

There’s also the thick Jules Burger.

You’d need a knife (or a big mouth) for this. This would be the perfect snack, if not for the fact that it has enough carbs, protein and fat to make it a full meal in itself.

They also serve desserts! The Mango Crepe is the perfect ending to this heavy meal.

If not for the Banana Split that will demand an encore!

Visit Isobel Restaurant and Bar Today!

The secret is now out! There’s a must-try restaurant at the City Park Subdivision in Brgy. Sabang! Make sure to bring your family and friends like how you would at special occasions. The meal that you’re about to enjoy at Isobel Restaurant and Bar is a meal best enjoyed with people that you love!

Contact Details


Address: City Park Subd. Brgy. Sabang, Lipa, Batangas (It’s about 20 meters from the main entrance on your left.)

Contact No.: (043) 404 8697

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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