In most cases, a restaurant has a specific target market in mind. A lot of these restaurants nowadays target millennials, while some of them target the young professionals. That’s good. It makes good business sense.

What about the kids? Sure, they have fast food, but we all know it’s not a good idea for them to eat fast food all the time. What about our beloved senior citizens? They too deserve a place where they can enjoy a good and relaxing meal.

Enter, Mikabelle Kitchenette.

About Mikabelle Kitchenette

This is not the first time we’ve featured Mikabelle Kitchenette. We also featured them last year, calling them a restaurant born out of passion and success. Nothing has changed on that front. In the several times we’ve visited after our feature, you can still sense the passion that their team shares for serving good and affordable food.

They’re also passionate about success, and they’ve realized that restaurants need to evolve to ensure that. This is why they have new offerings and with the good times we’ve experienced in the past, we couldn’t wait to try them.

Pasta Dishes at Mikabelle

Kids and the kids at heart would be happy to know that they now serve pasta dishes and they’re good for sharing! They have Spaghetti (PHP 149).

It tastes like a very popular fast food spaghetti, albeit a bit saltier. It still has a hint of sweetness, so kids would still love it. In fact, my 7 year old loved it and she likes her spaghetti sweet. It’s also very meaty with a few meatballs added for good measure.

For all you white sauce lovers out there, they have Carbonara (PHP 199).

The sauce is perfectly-seasoned. It may not look much, but it tastes amazing.

The Palabok (PHP 149) is a hit.

I know a few senior citizens who would love this! My mom did!

Trying their New Dishes

We also tried their Sinigang na Salmon (PHP 199).

This is how sinigang na salmon should be. It comes with a huge salmon head and has a really sour broth.

The bangus lover in me did a happy dance when I found out that they now have Daing na Bangus (PHP 199).

The bangus is seasoned well with a crunchy skin and flaky meat. It’s just the way I love my bangus!

I also loved their Soy Chicken (PHP 239).

My daughter, who’s more of a fried chicken fan, loved it as well. It’s sweet and tender you won’t be able to help yourself from eating it up to the bone.

You can also get it solo at PHP 139.

The Milkshakes of Mikabelle

You’re in for a treat at Mikabelle with their Milkshakes (PHP 130). We tried the Chocolate, Vanilla and Cookies and Cream.

Get one for yourself as a perfect ending to a meal. It’s what couples would share on a date, if not for the fact that it’s so good that you have to get one for yourself.

Don’t Forget about the Old Favorites!

Of course, we had to get the Chicharong Bulaklak (PHP 249) for our appetizer.

It tastes as heavenly as the first time we tried it. It’s the best chicharong bulaklak I’ve tried.

Make sure to check out our first feature on Mikabelle Kitchenette to check out the old favorites!

Here’s their menu. Check out how affordable the prices are.

Visit Mikabelle Kitchenette with the Whole Family Today!

Mikabelle is one of those restaurants wherein diners of all ages will have something to eat and enjoy. It’s a good place to eat solo, or you can bring your significant other with you. Of course, a good meal is best enjoyed with the people you love, so visit Mikabelle Kitchenette with the whole family today!

Contact Details

Address: 050 Cassanova St., Brgy. Tambo, Lipa City (Turn right at the road right before the Brgy. Hall of Brgy. Tambo. It’s about 500 meters from the corner on your right.)

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Contact Number: 774-0226 | 0995-450-6452

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday 11 AM to 10 PM

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