Are you under the impression that you need to go to Manila in order to enjoy 4 star accommodations? No, because we have Lima Park Hotel – the only 4 star hotel in the province of Batangas. A consistent recipient of the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, one can expect only the best experience when staying at Lima Park Hotel (best rates here).

We’ve stayed several times at this hotel, with the most recent one last October 21 for their Wicked Circus Halloween event. Every time we book ourselves a room here, we can’t help but set high expectations, and they’ve never disappointed us.

In fact, they just set the bar higher and higher for themselves because every new experience is better than the last, and they’re okay with that as they aim to cement their place as the preferred hotel in the province.

Lima Park Hotel: A Hotel Fit for Seasoned Businessmen and Executives

It’s a hotel that has the amenities, facilities and services that can satisfy even seasoned traveling businessmen and executives. Yes, it’s a business hotel, which explains why it enjoys good occupancy rates during weekdays.

Lima Park Hotel
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Lima Park Hotel means business.

In fact, I met a traveling executive from Turkey inside the hotel’s gym. I asked him what he thinks about Lima Park Hotel, and he has great words to say about the hotel. That’s impressive considering that he travels the world for work and has stayed in hundreds of hotels.

Here are the plus points of the hotel that you’ll appreciate if you’re traveling for business:

  • Great location

It’s near several world-class technology centers, factories and the likes. It’s very accessible even to and from Manila thanks to the STAR Tollway.

  • Comfortable accommodation

You’ll be moving from one meeting to the next the whole day so you’re expecting comfortable accommodation when you arrive at the hotel. The hotel rooms are clean, well-maintained and comfortable to stay in overall.

Free wifi is available so that’s always a plus when traveling for business. The connection is pretty fast!

A night of sleep here will fully recharge you so you’ll be ready to face the next day’s challenges.

  • Complete amenities

The hotel is very popular for company meetings and seminars because they have the facilities for them. It’s not unusual for a company to book everyone at Lima Park Hotel and use their meeting/seminar room. The hotel is used to this setup so they’ll have everything that you need for a successful company event.

As a bonus, you get to enjoy your downtime by enjoying great food at Asian Flavours, working out at the gym, or taking a dip at their pool.

They also have a coffee shop for those small meetings or short coffee breaks.

  • Quiet surroundings

You can do your business in the morning and rest and relax at night without being bothered by noise pollution. You’re not going to see people loitering.

A Family-friendly Hotel as Well

More and more families are recognizing that Lima Park Hotel is not just for traveling businessmen and executives. While our weekend stay was a workation as we covered their Halloween event, we had a whole day to enjoy our stay as a family.

Think of it this way. If Lima Hotel is good enough for executives and businessmen who have strict needs and preferences, the hotel should be good enough for a family that’s just looking to rest and relax.

Here are the reasons why we highly-recommend the hotel:

  • The rooms are nice.

No complaints on our end as far as the rooms are concerned. They’re always clean and everything is always working. The rooms are very spacious and come with modern conveniences like cable TV and wifi.

Here are some pictures of the Deluxe room that we stayed in:

  • It feels like a resort.

You know how most hotels have cramped hallways. That’s not the case with Lima Park Hotel. Check out the hallway outside our room:

This is the view at the end of that hallway:

Batangas hotel
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Are we in a hotel or a resort?

The hotel also hasn’t forgotten that we all can benefit from these nature-boosted views:

Just like a lot of the best resorts, Lima Park Hotel looks amazing at night!

The pool is also quite nice and is surrounded by greens.

  • Our tummies were filled with great food!

I had a basketball game at 9 AM that morning so I promised myself that I’ll only eat a couple of pieces of bread. Yeah, that didn’t happen. I mean, take a look at this spread:

They also have an omelet station and I asked the station chef for an omelet with all the works.

Omelet Station
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Omelet station at Asian Flavours.

The noodles station helped warm my tummy on a cold morning!

I was famished after my basketball game so my expectations were higher for our lunch. They had us choose among their Special Platters. We chose the Lauriat Platter.

This impressive spread for 3 satisfied our family as we feasted on a complete meal of Soup of the Day, Steamed Rice, Chopped Chinese Salad, Crispy Chinese Noodles, Sweet and Sour Dory Fillet and Fried Mandarin Chicken. Even my daughter who’s a picky eater enjoyed her meal!

  • It’s safe and secure.

The location is inside Lima Park which is a very safe and secure location. The hotel is away from busy traffic and the park itself is well-guarded and well-maintained. There are CCTVs everywhere so that’s always comforting.

Expect Impeccable Service

This is one of the main selling points of Lima Park Hotel. They’ve never failed in delivering amazing service. The staff members are polite, courteous, and ready to help with a smile. Prepare to be greeted with good mornings and good afternoons all day. I started counting the number of pleasantries I received, only to lose count later on.

You’ll really feel welcome. They’ll make you feel that assisting you brings them joy, which is a safe assumption seeing their staff members take pleasure in what they’re doing.

Book a Stay Today!

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling for business or you just want a staycation with a loved one or your family. Lima Park Hotel will deliver 4 star accommodation, facilities and service. They really deserve that Certificate of Excellence, so book a stay for you to experience how it feels like to stay in a winner.

Get the best rates today!

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