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Hunta Restobar Lipa opened its doors to customers in July of 2023 and features an extensive menu of dishes with Filipino, Japanese, Mexican, and Middle Eastern backgrounds. Since its grand opening, Hunta has seen an influx of customers, and you’ll rarely find a time when this little establishment is empty. The warm and welcoming ambiance, coupled with its diverse culinary offerings, has quickly made it a favorite dining spot for both locals and visitors alike.

Conveniently located along Leviste Highway, near the Balete Star Toll Exit, and diagonally across from Suy Sing, you can make a quick pit stop at Hunta Restobar Lipa while on your way to your next adventure or coming home from one. Unfortunately, there is no parking lot in this area; however, street parking is available in front of the resto-bar, making it easy for you to park and dine without any hassle.

This establishment features open-air dining, allowing you to enjoy the afternoon and evening breeze alongside your meal. This backdrop further enhances the laidback and inviting atmosphere of Hunta Restobar Lipa, creating a perfect setting to unwind and savor your dining experience.

What is the Dining Experience Like?

Hunta Restobar Lipa’s friendly staff made our visit welcoming and pleasant; they quickly worked on our order, ensuring that our food and drinks were served promptly.

The Interior/Exterior

The design of the resto-bar made great use of the space that it has: on the left, you’ll find the kitchen where you can watch the staff work on your order, adding a touch of transparency to the culinary experience. The center area is a dynamic mix of dining tables and a performance area, creating an ambiance of lively entertainment and enjoyment as you dine.

Venturing to the right side, you’ll discover a small VIP lounge in the corner. The couch seating offers a cozy sanctuary where guests can unwind and relax. Moreover, the freedom wall located on the right side provides a unique and interactive element for visitors. It serves as a canvas for expressing their wishes, leaving behind heartwarming messages and heartfelt sentiments that add a personal touch to the atmosphere of the resto-bar. You can even find us on the wall!

hough the front of Hunta features an open wall, you don’t have to worry about being splashed by the rain. During our visit, we sat at a table near the sidewalk and didn’t have to worry about the rain at all. This building has a large window behind the kitchen that allows for more air to enter, creating a refreshing and airy atmosphere throughout the resto-bar, and you can get a glimpse of the fields behind the building.

The Food

Resto-bars combine elements of restaurants and bars in order to create a unique experience for the customers; you’ll rarely find two that are the same. Other factors that influence this uniqueness are location, food and beverage, and the overall theme of the establishment, among other things.

Hunta Restobar Lipa beautifully embodies this distinctiveness by exploring a variety of cuisines and blending flavors from different cultures to create a diverse and enticing menu. With the guidance of their talented chef and passionate owners, they curate a delightful selection of dishes, ranging from flavorful kebabs and mouthwatering quesadillas to the sizzling goodness of sisig and the comforting taste of katsudon.

Alongside their culinary delights, Hunta Restobar Lipa also offers a wide array of popular alcoholic drinks, including well-crafted cocktails and a selection of liquors that cater to different preferences. Of course, there are non-alcoholic drinks as well. Check out the gallery below to see their full offerings.

Where is Hunta Restobar located?

Hunta Restobar Lipa is on Google Maps! Unfortunately, it does not look like they are on Apple Maps or Waze at the moment, however, their location is very easy to find. If you are coming from the Star Toll, you will pass by Suy Sing on your right first before coming to Hunta Restobar on the left. If you are coming from Lipa, Hunta will be on your right side and you can see Suy Sing on the left. Be sure to look out for their black and white HUNTA sign!

What Does #TeamHelloLipa Have to Say About Their Experience?

Hunta Restobar Lipa has been operating for less than a month but has already garnered 2.2k followers on their Facebook page! The hype is well deserved because the team behind Hunta put together a delicious menu and has been planning fun events for their patrons, creating a buzz in the community.

From the moment it opened its doors, Hunta Restobar has been impressing diners with its thoughtfully curated menu, which showcases a fusion of flavors that cater to various tastes. Beyond their menu, the team at Hunta Restobar is actively engaging with their customers through exciting events and photo sessions, fostering a sense of community and building lasting connections. These events add an extra layer of excitement and enjoyment to every visit, making each experience at Hunta Restobar truly special.

Our team highly recommends the beef quesadilla and birria taco. The meat was well seasoned and generous portions were placed into each tortilla. The sauce that was provided for both complements the flavors of each item and the tortillas were toasted perfectly with a nice crunch. The prices seem fair for each item, especially for the serving size of each item. The location is great for students and locals and the ambiance is very inviting. The all-day breakfast group meal is a great idea because it combines all kinds of breakfast ulam! We’d definitely come here again.

How to Contact Hunta Restobar Lipa:

Operating Hours: Sunday to Thursday: 10 AM – 11 PM, Friday to Saturday: 10 AM – 2 AM

Address: Leviste Drive, Lipa City 4217 Lipa City, Philippines (Balete Star Toll Exit, across from Suy Sing)

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 0947 852 7807

Facebook: Hunta Restobar Lipa