Lipa City – In order to welcome in the –ber months, The Outlets at Lipa has prepared a special event for the public to enjoy. From August 30 to September 1, local Batangas artists, food and products will be featured by The Outlets at Lipa in a food market style, offering Batangueño sights, sounds, and tastes to guests. 

The exhibitors, vendors and performers are excited to provide you with 3 days of arts, beats and eats. Each day will be filled with a different activity which aims to share Batengueño culture and bring the community closer together. The Outlets at Lipa has scheduled an exciting weekend filled with calligraphy, art, music, and food for all to enjoy and experience, whether this be your first street fair or your hundredth. 

“Batangas StrEAT Fair is the event you shouldn’t miss! It’s the very first 3-day celebration of Batangueños with food, arts and music at The Outlets at Lipa,” said AboitizLand Inc. Commercial Marketing Officer Maricar Mogol.

Artists will have a great avenue to showcase their arts on August 30 with a calligraphy workshop and art exhibit of local artists. Guests of the Batangas StrEAT Fair will have an amazing time listening to local artists at the Music Festival. You get to enjoy these things while enjoying the food and non-food offerings of the Batangas Food Market.

No true Batangas experience would be complete without a taste of lomi, a popular noodle dish that Batangas can be proud of. This dish can be customized with many different toppings like chicharon, bola bola, kikiam, and atay, to name a few. If you consider yourself a lomi fan, we’ll see you at the lomi cooking competition on day 3.

For coffee connoisseurs, the Barako beans market will also be available on September 1st. For those who have not tried this coffee drink yet, barako has a strong, distinctive flavor and some even prefer it over other types of coffee.

The Batangas StrEAT Fair aims to bring exposure and support to local businesses as well as encourage buyers to shop local. Buying from local businesses helps to build and stimulate the local economy by creating more job opportunities. Small businesses count on every transaction in order to succeed.

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