NOTE: This establishment is now closed. For details on other amazing food establishments, you can click here.

Batangas Pizza has been a household name in the city of Batangas since the 90s. It’s been the go-to merienda and even a go-to meal of Batangeños looking for an affordable but filling meal for decades now. You can find them everywhere in Batangas City. It’s quite normal to see people with a box of Batangas Pizza in hand.

I’ve been seeing their pizza on my Facebook timeline for quite some time now. Judging from the excitement of my Facebook friends whenever they share a picture of a box of Batangas Pizza, I could just imagine how good the pizza is.

Well, I finally had the chance to stop imagining and start experiencing as the owners decided to set up shop at the Dayton Food Park, this time as a full dine-in restaurant known as Batangas Pizza and Steak House serving their well-loved pizza and more.

About the Owners

Batangas Pizza and Steak House is owned by the husband and wife team of Eric and Charisse Ramos. One thing stood out during our informal meeting with them. They’re really passionate at what they do. It explains the success of Batangas Pizza in Batangas City and soon, in Lipa City.

Meet the Ramos
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Eric and Charisse Ramos with their kids.

Batangas Pizza and Steak House is a family business and I mean that literally. It’s just Eric and Charisse managing the business, with their kids always with them serving as their lucky charms. In my experience, family-run businesses managed by passionate people are the best ones.

About the Pizza

Even if they’re serving additional dishes, the star of the show remains to be their pizza. Now, it’s important to set your expectations accordingly. Don’t compare it with big name pizza brands, especially the international franchises. You just have to take a look at the prices of their pizza to know that it’s in no way competing with these names.

And that’s okay.

Every now and then, we get cravings for the taste of local pizza. You know what I mean. It’s the pizza that has a thick and doughy crust with just enough toppings to satisfy us. But in most cases, it’s disappointing. We get full, sure, but it leaves us with regrets thinking that we should have paid more for a better-tasting and satisfying pizza.

We didn’t get that feeling when we tried their Special Overload Pizza. Priced at Php 90 for the regular size, it’s packed with toppings that make you think that you should be paying more for the pizza. It has ham, pineapple, mushroom and bell pepper. The freshness of the toppings is obvious. I found out later on that they don’t freeze their pizza. They make and serve them fresh.

I personally liked the pizza crust. I rarely go for thick crust pizza because it makes me feel like I’m eating bread with palaman, but that wasn’t the case with their crust. It’s crunchy on the outside and soft and airy on the inside.

I now understand why people order their pizza for themselves. It’s hard to beat at its price. I ordered a box as pasalubong but ended up eating 3 slices of it. Sorry, mom and dad!

Their Other Offerings

We were also served a couple of appetizers. We had the Nachos Overload that was really loaded with ground beef, cheese sauce, salsa and Jalapenos. It has a perfect complement of flavors from salty to spicy. It’s a festival of flavor with every bite.

We also tried the Cheesy Beef Fries. The crunchy fries are topped with ground beef and smothered with cheese. It’s a messy delight.

We also got the chance to try their Pinoy Spaghetti which I’m sure we’re all familiar with. If this was served in a party, I’d have two heaping plates.

They also served us their t-bone steak that came with rice and mashed potatoes and topped with stalks of asparagus. You get two choices for the side dish and for a steak this tasty and smothered with gravy, you’d want rice with it. For a place that’s just starting to serve steak after serving pizza for decades, they’re off to a good start.

My wife’s personal favorite is their Hungarian sausage. Two huge links were served together with fries. It came with gravy which we never used because the sausage is already flavorful. It’s very meaty and was cooked to perfection. Order it with rice or in a sandwich.

We sipped on their cucumber and blue lemonade drinks served in fish bowls. It was a cold night but that didn’t stop us from enjoying these refreshing drinks.

Visit with Your Family and Friends!

Hello Lipa
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The husband and wife team of Batangas Pizza and Steak House (left) with the husband and wife team of Hello Lipa (right).

As soon as Dayton Food Park formally opens, we’re assuming that Batangas Pizza and Steak House will be one of the most popular restaurants there. Try it now before the crowd arrives. Visit early because they do get sold out as early as now. It’s a good place to eat with your family and friends!

Contact Details

Fan Page: Batangas Pizza and Steak House

Address: Dayton Food Park, Lipa City

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 11:00AM – 11:00PM

Contact Number: (043) 774 0870

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