So my daughter is celebrating her 7th birthday in a few months. My wife, being the OC mom that she is, is already looking for suppliers, and we both feel that one of the most important suppliers to sign is the photographer. This is why we’ve been on the lookout for Batangas photographers.

We can all be in agreement. Photographers play a very important role in occasions like this. Our daughter’s birthday party will just run for 3 to 4 hours, but it’s something that we’d like to remember for the rest of our lives. What’s the best way to look back at this special occasion years from now?

Look at pictures.

There’s an old Chinese proverb that says that “the faintest ink is more powerful than the strongest memory.” It basically tells you to write things down so that you won’t forget. It applies to memories of special occasions as well. Not even the sharpest memory can help us relive priceless moments better than pictures.

Besides, a lot of our family members and friends won’t be able to attend. This is why we want to have the best pictures that we can afford; so they can look at pictures and share the momentous occasion with us.

Seeing the Works of Vincent Duke Photography

When it comes to photographers in Lipa, Vincent Duke has one of the strongest social media presences. I’ve been seeing his works on Facebook as they’re shared by satisfied clients and fans of his work. This is why I’m already familiar with his works when he contacted me for a possible collaboration/partnership.

If in case you haven’t seen his works yet, here are some of them.

Click here for more pictures.

Now, we have some amazing Lipa City photographers and I’ve worked with some of them. Being a popular wedding destination, you can easily find the best Lipa City photographer right here in our city that you don’t need to hire someone from Manila. It’s hard to go wrong if you’ll do your due diligence, but Vincent Duke Photography should be right there on your list if you want a photographer in Lipa City that will really capture the memories that you want to remember for life.

About Vincent Duke

I first met him at the Lipa City Tourism Council shareholders’ night (he’s an active and committed member of the Lipa City Tourism Council) as he approached me to introduce himself. I was immediately disarmed. I mean, here’s a popular photographer and he went out of his way to introduce himself. We talked for a bit and made plans to meet again.

We met again after a couple of weeks so I can get to know him and his works. He’s an American who grew up in Florida under the care of his Filipina lola.

Yes, he has Filipino blood in him. He grew up eating rice instead of potatoes. He grew up eating Filipino food. Yes, even dinuguan. More importantly, he grew up understanding and embracing Filipino culture. That explains his cordial nature that was pretty obvious even when we first met.

He’s an experienced senior architect and that paved the way for him to visit the Philippines for work. He worked for some of the biggest firms in Makati. That’s where he met his Filipina wife, Che, who’s originally from San Jose Mindoro.

They settled here in Lipa City and they’ve been together for almost 7 years.

Vincent Duke the Photographer

Vincent told me a story about how he attended an event and started taking pictures. Hearing him talk, I realized that it was the moment when the photography bug hit him. He didn’t mention this directly, but I think that’s when he realized that he has a natural talent for it. Being the enthusiast that he is, he invested on equipment and knowledge to help him be where he is right now.

But ask him if he’s a professional photographer, and he’ll tell you that he doesn’t consider himself as one. He’s simply an enthusiast who is using his passion to tell a story – and that story can be yours.

That’s him being modest. He’s a professional in such a way that he loves and respects his craft that he’s going to do everything to honor it, and that includes making sure that his clients walk away very happy because he was able to exceed expectations, deliver on time, and go out of his way to ensure satisfaction.

For starters, you can access your pictures anytime and anywhere because you get your own gallery. That’s something that other photographers in Batangas or even Manila don’t offer. It sure beats having the pictures in a USB or DVD that you know will just be misplaced.

He’s relatively new compared to other Batangas photographers, but he’s able to carve a good name for himself already. He is, among others:

  • The official photographer of Summit Point Golf & Country Club.

  • The number 1 recommended photographer of Mount Malarayat Golf & Country Club.

  • An official brand ambassador of international brand, Spider Holster.

Vincent Duke the Lipeño and Batangueño

Don’t let his American features and accent fool you. Look closer and you can see his Filipino roots. Spend a couple of minutes with him and you’ll feel as if you’re talking to a ka-barangay. He loves his Filipino families (immediate and extended). He loves his Lipeño and Batangueño friends and wouldn’t say no to a drinking session. He even says “take out” instead of “to go”.

Add those to the fact that he’s one of the most passionate photographers in Batangas and you have yourself a Batangas photographer to consider – a professional enthusiast who shares the same culture as you.

Yes, we found our photographer for our daughter’s 7th birthday!

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