Just in case you’re still not convinced that Taza Mia Coffee is serious and aggressive in its expansion, let me introduce you to their P.Torres – Carmel Branch – their 5th in Lipa City and 17th overall! We’d like to congratulate Sir Rodel G. Lacorte (RGL) and the whole Taza Mia team for this accomplishment!

As I’ve mentioned in a previous feature, Sir RGL has ambitions of turning Taza Mia Coffee into a glocal company – a global company that’s proudly local. Speaking of being proudly local, Sir RGL is a proud Lipeño who is hard at work to give the local coffee industry the boost that it rightfully deserves.

This is why he’s expanding at this rate. He wants locals to experience and fall in love with the local coffee experience. He wants us to embrace the culture of having coffee in a local coffee shop. He wants people to bring their bonding experiences from their home to Taza Mia. He wants employers and employees to bring their meetings here. He wants these things to happen so Taza Mia can continue supporting local farmers.

Taza Mia Carmel
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Sir RGL with the Taza Mia P.Torres-Carmel branch team.

He obviously wants a lot of things and based on the experiences we’ve had with Taza Mia, specifically the P.Torres – Carmel branch, these things will happen.

About the P.Torres – Carmel Branch

This branch is located at the 2nd floor of the MCS Building. It’s about a couple hundred meters away from the Carmel Church. This makes it a prime location especially when you also consider the fact that it’s very near schools and subdivisions.

Taza Mia Carmel Branch
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Taza Mia P.Torres-Carmel Branch

It looks very plain and simple when viewed from the road, but my expression of “meh” quickly turned to “wow” as soon as I entered the door.

Here are more pictures.

What I love about this branch is it encourages you to sit down, relax, and bond with your friends. It’s also very conducive for meetings. In fact, we had an impromptu and informal meeting with Sir RGL at this branch!

Rodel Lacorte
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Sir RGL (middle) with the Hello Lipa co-founders.

The Taza Mia Experience

As mentioned, Sir RGL wants us to experience and fall in love with the local coffee experience. In my opinion, this requires at least 3 things – relaxing and cozy ambiance, great coffee, and delicious food. In our experience, all 3 things are checked! We already talked about the ambiance so let’s talk about the food starting with the clubhouse.

This is a good sandwich to share if you’re with a small group in a quick meeting. I loved this sandwich. The bread itself is particularly creamy. I thought they used pancakes instead of bread.

There’s also the Taza Mia Burger.

This no-frills burger will do its job of satisfying you if you’re just looking for a burger with a thick, juicy and tasty patty.

We also tried the tuna pesto.

I loved this dish. My wife is not a fan of pesto but she tried it and liked it. You wouldn’t think that it’s pesto with the generous amount of tuna in it.

I also loved the Sriracha Buffalo wings.

This is a bit tangy and spicy – just like how I love my Buffalo wings!

For our coffee, we tried a couple of their best-sellers. I tried the Café Italiano.

This coffee is divine. You don’t need to add anything to it. It’s perfectly sweet and bitter as it is. It’s not too sweet that you’ll forget that it’s coffee. It’s not too bitter that non-coffee drinkers won’t be able to appreciate it. It’s as perfect as coffees come.

My wife tried the Matcha Green Tea Frappe.

Matcha lovers will love this. What we loved most about it is it doesn’t have the Matcha after-taste that a lot of people don’t like.

They also sell coffee beans and grounds! They’re perfectly packed for gift-giving purposes!

Visit Taza Mia P.Torres – Carmel Lipa Today!

Drop by after hearing mass at Carmel Church. Stay here while waiting for your kids studying at a nearby school. Eat your lunch here if you don’t feel like cooking at home. Visit if you feel like having a local coffee experience – an experience that we can be proud of.

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Address: 2F MCS Bldg. Lipa-Padre Garcia Rd., Brgy. Antipolo del Norte, Lipa City

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Contact Number: (043) 702 6356

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday 7 AM to 10 PM




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